Freshman - 685 Points (5th March 1992 / Bhubaneswar)

A Sad Story Of A Tiny Little Girl - Poem by SWETA LEENA PANDA

I saw a Tiny little girl, Sad and all alone
Was sitting at in front of a gate
She was a small little girl
Nearly seven to eight years old
I found she was crying
I asked the reason
in a very weak tone she gave me answer
No one else in my home
Tears fall from her two beautiful eye
Then she wiped away the tears
& tried to act as strong
She didn't wanna show her pain,
& as she afraid to anyone
I heard a noise from that home
lock the door and let her out for forever
We don't wanna see her face further here
I could not understand what was happening there
& she also didn't tell anything to anyone
a lady came from that house
she looked up at her
'oh my master'
I will never ever do the same mistake further
I saw a some kind of deep Pain in her eyes
In a very load voice that lady told
'We couldn't give you another chance further'
She looked down at her feet,
and quietly says 'Ok.'
What's wrong with me?
Why you punish me
I didn't do any mistakes further
& I need money for my sister's surgery
I can't live without work
As I really need
I felt a lots of responsibility little girl have
then I left that place
When I saw her further
I saw she was trembling in cold & crying silently
As tears ran down her face
Rain pounded down on the ground
Her heart pounded in her ears
As the thunder clashed
Fear rushed in her veins
As her father rushed her
She felt pain throb
As glass pierced her skin
No one came to help
even if no one there for her care
To stop the Evening Storm of her life
I could not understand
How God could hear her cry
After saw her I could understand her condition
As I knew I couldn't help her more
I sat & asked her condition
What was really happening with her?
After hearing this
I couldn't bear her story
Tear drops fall from my eyes
Is she a girl or a nonliving material?
How the people become so much cruel
I could understand how the people use the small poor girls
It's really very painful
Some condition is very poor
Which you couldn't imagine
It breaks my heart into no of pieces
I wish everyone should open their eyes
To see the crimes happening with girls
Is the girls are the only martial for sex
Oh no
If you think then you are really wrong
Now the world is changing
We will all be together to break you
kill you into a number of pieces
we can give you the capital punishment
Be aware of girls
They are not your living toys
Even if you can't make them too
at least fear the Lord
government & people may become blind
not the my powerful God, he knows everything
God surely punish you badly
when your time will come

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