Freshman - 593 Points [MAMA] (5th March 1992 / Bhubaneswar)


1. Soldier 3/19/2012
2. Sunshine 3/22/2012
3. Laugh 3/22/2012
4. A Little Bird's Wish 3/22/2012
5. A Special Friend Like You 3/23/2012
6. U Ar My Forever Friend 3/26/2012
7. Your Dream 4/6/2012
8. Your Love 4/6/2012
9. Make Yourself Strong 4/10/2012
10. Sad Day 4/10/2012
11. Time Will Come Again 4/12/2012
12. Ohh God Help Me 4/17/2012
13. Myself 4/23/2012
14. Me 4/23/2012
15. God Stay With Me Forever 4/3/2012
16. My Life 4/27/2012
17. My Life Is Fine 4/28/2012
18. Dare To Do 5/1/2012
19. Win Vs Lose 5/2/2012
20. One Word 5/4/2012
21. My Mother 5/11/2012
22. Journey Of Life 5/11/2012
23. Torture 5/16/2012
24. Try Try 5/22/2012
25. My Dream 5/26/2012
26. My God & Me 7/20/2012
27. My Days 7/20/2012
28. Life 7/20/2012
29. Ohh My Dear 7/20/2012
30. I Don'T Know Who I M 7/20/2012
31. My Dreamland 7/20/2012
32. Believe Your Heart 7/20/2012
33. Save Me 7/20/2012
34. Is This Love 7/20/2012
35. I Will Be There For You 7/20/2012
36. I Wish U Remember Me And My Past Days 8/29/2012
37. I Wish U Remember Me 8/29/2012
38. True Love 8/29/2012
39. One Bad Dream 9/25/2012
40. A Dream 9/25/2012

A Beautiful Poem On Children's' Day

A child is blessed every day
A child is innocent
A child is beautiful gift of god
So never ever hate them for who they are or how they are

They wanna to fulfill their dreams and & overcome hopes and fears.
So never ever Hit them or shove them around
Never ever kick them blossoming dreams to ground.

They waana to remind the adults to dry their tears,
From hearts and minds, Spirits and souls,
They love each other with no strings,

So never ever trick them into living with so many pains.
never treat them like dirt and without respect,

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My Papa

Oh papa, my sweet papa
You are really awesome
When I confuse, you are always there as a teacher
When I need you, you are always there for me
When something goes wrong, you are always there for support me
When I feel weak, you make me strong
When I feel unsecure, you give me security
When whole world is against me, you are always there for support me
When no one with me to weep my tear, you are always there to make me smile

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