David Fallis

A Small Black Mirror - Poem by David Fallis

I see,
With my own two front eyes
In front of me
A Small Black Mirror

Not the kind that is all rugged or cheap
But no!
A nice ornate and not so rugged mirror
whose bright shine that
received from above
the lovely and lonely moon
whose turned and pale face greets this
Small Black Mirror

I seem to stare at this seemingly charismatic little thing
as it just sits there and is
a Small Black Mirror

I make a small movement towards this
Small Black Mirror
and I see in its upturned gaze
a likeliness that resembles a
pale and seemingly
friendly face who I remember
so long ago

Ah me!
Yes, I remember!
So long ago!
From that place whose name is so so long forgotten
I remember that
Small Black Mirror

Ah yes
I have seen that before!
And that pale upturned face!
Shining in the twilight gloom
so so long ago
that one night
when I stared into
my own
Small Black Mirror

So I now
leave my long and distant glare at this
Small Black Mirror
And I fancy upon myself
to throw this
Small Black Mirror
out of my long and distant view

The reflection I now look into
is one I don't quite know anymore
a manifestation of anger itself

And at this small point of time
I feel my own being grow with this
new found growing anger
and I take this UNSIGHTLY thing
this shard of moonlight's gaze
from so high above
shining onto this bordered thing
and now, and NOW
into the midnight gloom
so long and lost
that Small Black Mirror
hidden from my view

And there was it
a reflection of something repulsive
absolutely repulsive
reflected by that
Small Black Mirror
that now is
a reflection
now so long forgotten
that I can
no longer see
No more

Topic(s) of this poem: anger

Poet's Notes about The Poem

A poem on a night where rain is pouring from the night sky

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, March 11, 2014

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