A Song For Evaleen Poem by Dora Sigerson Shorter

A Song For Evaleen

Rating: 4.5

Sing a song for Evaleen, only two years old,
Running laughing on life's path in her wilful way;
Christ-Child, Whom on Mary's knee her loving arms enfold,
Let Thy little angels come with this babe to play.
One to guide her either hand, so what deed it do,
It shall neither give nor take grievous hurt or pain;
Let these little fingers pull blossoms fair and true
For the glory of Thy feet, without thorn or stain.
One to whisper songs of joy in her listening ear,
So the sad world's bitter cries reach her but afar;
So that evil, on his way, finds no welcome here,
Let but white words come to her where Thy angels are.
One to guard her dimpled mouth, laughing in its glee,
So it say no cruel words, nor let anger call;
Let it make for all who hear golden melody,
So it raise some stricken heart where the tune may fall.

One to keep her baby eyes from despair and tears,
Let them find the lovely things of thy wondrous ways;
So they grow not dull with grief or too bright with fears—
Let them see but splendid deeds meriting Thy praise.
One to guide her wilful feet lest they lose the way
On their perilous woman's path, where such dangers be;
Guide her little baby feet so they never stray
Far from where Thou art a Child held on Mary's knee.
One to bless her every deed, every thought new-born,
Bless her in the summer-time and in the winter's cold,
Bless her in the dark of night and in the dawn of morn,
This a song for Evaleen, only two years old.

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