Kylee Wells

Rookie (March 4th,1984 / San Francisco)

A Squandered Tuition... - Poem by Kylee Wells

Listen to you preach
But God is out of reach
Erase the words you teach
and inner struggle will cease
to many grey days
and you are lost in the tragic memories
flashing fast, as if it is a movie
slow motion you wish it plays
soft kisses from a mother
to her child's forehead
I must of missed out on that too
these arms are empty
absent from embrace
missing without a trace
I've searched every place
gone, absent, erased
the world must be disappearing
and your eyes are tearing
all emotions are opposite of endearing
darkness is leering
and the world is now disappearing
the trees are all gone
you can't go on breathing
the ocean has evaporated
and life is negated
the stars have all fallen
and without a show
the moon is gone
and gravity is done
I am nonchalant
The human race has not been down to earth in years
and you are all alone now
in the company of delusional peers
God is singing cheers
and Satan is shedding tears
off set fears
and thrown up beers
the combination is endless
your souls are restless
you forgot to repent
you'd get around to it...
After your hook up, prime time TV, a doctor, therapist, pharmacist, and liquor store visit
point is you are all so busy
God got tired of waiting in the car
now you seem less preoccupied by trying to minimize your plastic surgery scar
meanwhile all the grass is dying
the whole world looks like...
A Mexican's front yard
the masses are screaming in sin
at least we martyrize Scarface, the Godfather, and a steaming hot gun barrel
Get your soul saved, you're to late
the rich die without mone
the poor die uncomfortably
the educated die with knowledge at least
and time has ceased
gluten boozed out radicals of the fastest growing trend of narcissism
crowds form the pay top price to die next to Paris Hilton
what looks right on lets see
is pink a good color to die in
it sure is a good color to lie in
clock expires in ten minutes
and people are getting lost in the end of the world sale
spend, spend, spend
who cares about paying off your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, over drafted Bank of America
Uncle Sam is out screwing the poor for OOOHHH one last time
get your kicks
come on everything is going to be just fine
to me at least, it's no big deal
everything is going to be just fine
I swallowed my last capitalistic dime
three and a half years ago
I've been counting the time
waiting for it to fall fantastically
I'm just chilling on the corner of 3rd Ave.
Content in blazing the latest harvest
for you it's hardest
I got my soul back in 98
rat race, feels great
I sit, I watch, I contemplate

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, September 2, 2007

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