A Stare At The Sunset Poem by Miguel Degbor

A Stare At The Sunset

As I looked upon the sunset's beauty,
The sky awash with shades of pink and gold,
I felt my weariness begin to fold,
Andmy heart filled up with peace and gratitude.

My world was dark,
But in this moment, all my fears did depart,
The sea so vast, so infinite, so stark,
Such beauty filling up my aching heart.

In such a moment of serenity,
The worries of the day were cast away,
For in this sacred place call my sanctuary I could stay,
And feel at peace with nature's majesty.

The world ought to be harsh,
A place of poverty and endless toil,
Yet on this beach, I found a glimpse of joy,
A hope that kept my spirit from falling.

A modernizing world indeed moving fast,
Life became more complex with each fading day,
Yet on this beach, I found a chance to pause,
And listen to the song of the earth.

And so I stood, transfixed by all I saw,
The colors mixing in a perfect blend,
And as the sun dipped underneath the sea,
I knew that I had found a precious friend.

For in this moment, I was truly free,
A child of nature, born anew and whole,
And as the night drew in around me there,
I felt at peace and happy with my soul.She walks with grace and poise a so fine,

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