Allenda Vena

A Time In History - Poem by Allenda Vena

A Time in History
By Allenda Vena

A never ending void, in a world of wonder,
A never ending beginning that shouts with a thunder,
A never ending essence of existence,
Always time begins anew, always ending in silence.

I watch from the side, ever vigilant,
Watching it thunder through the skies and
end in silence.

This essence, this element in the universe,
is a key to a doorway,
a key to true power and prosperity.

I have found an answer, a key to this power,
I have found an answer, a key to this knowledge,
I have found an answer, a key to the meaning.

We struggle to achieve this feat,
As the answer is before us as a path,
We ignore it with blissfulness,
As so, we continue a cycle that cannot be broken.

I have found the key, the key is balance,
A balance of life,
A balance of death,
A balance in ourself,
and all others.

To achieve this we must have control,
To achieve this we mush have Obedience,
To open the doorway to countless possibilities,
we must balance, we must unite.


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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, August 17, 2010

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