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A Time With My Love - Poem by Alex Fischer

Here's a little rhyme of mine

Yesterday I sat in the park
Comforting my love from her day that was dark

Holding her close I kissed her cheek
I proved to her that my love is not meek
As we sit under the pavilion made of teak

Even though the storm clouds gathered
There was still light in our life
I guess you could say that we made love
We made love cautiously

Little words were exchanged
As she laid down on my chest
With my arms wrapped around her tightly
Yet ever so lightly
Me and my love sat under the pavilion made of teak

Little droplets of rain
Tinkle on the roof
My love shivers and I give her my warmth
As the chilling wind blows softly bringing some rain
I hold her close wrapping her tightly in my arms
Keeping my love warm and protecting her from coming storm

I cover her shielding her from the rain
Trying to keep her comfortable, happy, and warm
She snuggles up close in my arms
Tells me that she loves me so much
And she runs her fingers through my hair
Her skin is so smooth and her kisses so fair
I love my love, there are no lies there

Love hangs heavily in the air
Despite the cold wind and rain
It makes us warm and happy again
Savoring the moment with my love in my arms
I lay my head lightly on top of hers
She lays her head snuggled up in the crest of my arm

Kissing my love once more
Telling her that I love her
In silent thought and reflection
We revel in our love and beauty of nature
Making this moment last forever

She turns her head upward
Her eyes looking deep into mine
She says that we must start to leave
Sadly I know it is true, yet happy am I

Happy to have my love
And know that she loves me
As we walk across the park holding hands ever so tightly

Shielding her from the rain
Me and my love kiss each other again

And I think of a little rhyme, of a time with my love

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