A Tribute To My Teacher Poem by Aadil Hingorjo

A Tribute To My Teacher

It's a journey from a tiny word to an-all-encompassing universe.
From the very naive age to the tenuous turns of life,
A teacher always remains there to equip his students.
His empowerment is the empowerment unmatchable;
he's the kindest master of his pupil;
a real master who knows the musts and must nots of his students.
Most of the times, his students are family and a home to him.
Like in your case, Sir.
You profoundly shared with us almost all the instruments
You shared us the things
that were way deep in your life,
and you taught us how the ticks of time really tussle one's mind at the specific ages of life.
You didn't just offer us the wings, but you also taught us the art to fly
You did train us to achieve what is insurmountable for many
You colored us all; you keep on coloring us continuously.
You, our teacher, are an infinite grace to our barren spirits.
Your serene smile, I still remember.
And we used to say, 'Sir is an artist,
he forgets the rules when he's speaking out his heart.
He's treads upon the flowy waves
And he's a mystic marvel'
Even at times, time couldn't stop you.
Your each gesture is engraved on the maps of our minds.
The way you imparted the light of faith
and the firmness in us is the way unwavering;
we, your little children, are beholden to your style You marvelously monetized all your energies to mend our broken minds, Sir.
Morals, traditions, linguistic lanterns, and the values that you made us akin with
They are all still alive in the valleys of our hearts.
Your humane side, your so very natural personality,
and your embellishing approaches to make us understand the lyrics of language are painted on the curtains on our conscience.
Crystal clear, and refreshingly afresh!
Rituals are rituals, but apart from the trends
Every day is to you, for you, and is from you, Sir.

A Tribute To My Teacher
Wednesday, November 20, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: teacher,tribute
Aadil Hingorjo

Aadil Hingorjo

Sanghar, Sindh, Pakistan
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