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A Very Happy Ending - Poem by Jasmine Moreth

Once upon a time there was a lonely heart searching for love to fill the void it had. It searched in high and low and all the wrong places and that heart faced betrayal, heart ache and heart break.
Then one day the heart met someone who it thought was different and thought that it would spend the rest of its life with that person...but sadly that heart soon found that she was no better if not worse then the others.
The heart promissed to never love again though the person who did the most damage to it still holds a coveted place in it, though it grows smaller day by day, and only shows its ugly head when faced with memories guilt or jealousy
this poor heart hadn't just given up on love, but it gave up hope, it gave up on life. This heart was so broken it forgot how to love and didnt know if it even desired to find out how to love again it went on a tiraid of lust and hatred and depression and sorrow for many moons & many suns.
Until one day...an Angel in disguise glided down from the heavens and hit the heart like heavey with her grace, her beauty...her Love. The once lonely heart did not know what to do, it couldnt contain itsself...could it be a genuwine person who understands the heart story and pain and can relate to the heart in more ways then one. Is it someone who truely truely cares..., it was way more then that God had answered the hearts prayers with a gift, a blessing, a mirecal
God sent down one of his own Angels to love and take care of one of very
Loved creations the angel and the heart connect extreamly fast, the speed of light was not even fast enough to describe the love, sparks chemistry, butterflies the souls felt for one another in so very short time the to felt as if they were destind to be together, to love one another with a passion and love so deep and pure, that words couldnt describe this devine intervention. She had the name of a sweet and beautiful flower, even more beautiful then the tipical rose
she capture the heart and stole it for her own...only if she knew it was
Hers to have in the first place, and the heart would have gladly given itsself to her

that angel has to be pacient with her hear though, as does the heart have to be pacient with her because they both felt the tragedy of love as a weapon used against them and as said before...the heart forgot how to love...
the heart has found it again but needs to get back to its old self, its prime condition so that it can be the best of the best/perfect for the angel, considering the angel already is perfect, yet she cant see it...these 2 linkd
Have discovered eachother by fate guiding them toward one another through experinces and circumstance...considering thats how they met and came to be one with each other they will reach there happily ever after together...and they will be happy together forever...and how do i know this you ask? Because that angel is you babydoll, and that heart...is me(:;

I Love You,4ever 4always 2the ends of time<3 and

And then some ;)

Poet's Notes about The Poem

This is from my wonderful boyfriend. I cry every time i read it. He is truly the love of my life

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