Ahmed Jahangir

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A Warrior's Tale - Poem by Ahmed Jahangir

Born from dust
and dies in dusk,
Fate of man remained so unjust.

Our mortality may perish however,
But immortal memories live on forever.

Here is the cry of my heart,
Hear it sooner than i get teared apart.

Fallen onto the ground as i lay,
Before death arrives let me say.

I'm a soldier and so is my tale,
Beginning from my land where i hailed.

The land of joy and dreams,
Where love stretched like streams.

Who knew it could be transient,
Who knew darkness would be prevalent.

Bringing along desolation of war,
Striking lives like lightning of thor.

So began a quest of survival,
Fighting back was only source of revival.

And so i grew up to be a knight,
To avenge darkness with light.

Knowing not what future may hold,
To prove my worth i had an opportunity of gold.

Gathering our army and troops,
Determined to slay all the crooks.

We bade farewell to those who were dear,
I still remember mother's rolling tear.

'We the fighters' in the name of freedom,
Marched towards the gates of kingdom.

Now we reached the land of mystery,
Where we vowed to create history.

As we neared the enemy lines,
Courage and valor filled our minds.

We stand face to face with the enemy,
Accepting every challenge from our destiny.

Then the chief commanded ATTACK! ,
We sprang like wolves in a pack.

Reciting the name of the lord,
As i drew up my sword.

Men raged towards each other,
Lives lost, blood flowed like river.

Intense and furious was the battle,
My brothers lay slaughtered like cattle.

Our lives were at a stake,
Risk was only option to take.

I stabbed one, beheaded two,
Didn't realize death accounting me too.

Through my chest an arrow pierced deep,
Leaving behind a reason to weep.

Stories shall be told of this day,
Still i wont give up this way.

Making up my mind for optimistic choice,
For my family back home to rejoice.

Standing still, bearing the pain,
I Won't let go myself in vain.

Warrior within finally rose,
In a spirit to end this chaos.

Holding sword and drawing shield,
Running back into the field.

Fought back till my body was numb,
Still dared not to succumb.

News of victory spread like fragrance in air,
What a sigh of relief we could bear.

But god had something else for me in plan,
Back-stabbing me stood head of the clan.

I fell down never to rise,
My mother's face all in my eyes.

In every birth and every life,
Mum, being your son i shall strive.

As my soul lay in peace,
All the pain started to cease.

O my people, drown not in the sea of sorrow,
My sacrifice shall bring upon a better tomorrow.

Death was awaiting me at the door,
As the title of martyr i bore.....................

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Stories convey a message and set up a moral for us to follow. Here i put forward one such epic of a warrior.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, January 28, 2013

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