Prankul Agarwal

A Way

Poem by Prankul Agarwal

There I stand curious and quiet,
To find a way out.
Should i fear?
From the darkness of time and the light of evil.

Confessing to my soul,
of things I've done,
with no touch of any foul mind,
still, to find a way out
from things i know not.

The darkness still alive in it's
invisible note,
which fill me whole.
A note of night's song,
full of sparkling supranos.
A high pitch and a prelude,
sets me to go.

Evil doesnot follow,
I am alone, with only my shadow,
To accompany me.
A door to a new world
And sets me free.
And I go, Igo...

n keep going,
then suddenly i see light,
light that endears me,
i get back my smile,
smile i always longed for.

Time has come,
come to set things right,
'right' is the time,
time when there wont be pain,
but pain n separation,

has no ending,
in this world so cruel and unknown,
still i walk with the light in my eyes,
and with the time in my hands.

i preach of love and of hope,
i preach of silence and of soul,
i preach of happiness and of joy,
i preach of my god and of my mind.....

time has flown,
flown so fast,
n left me alone,

I have nothin',
but memories,
memories of the past,
once a kid,
happiness all around me,
nothin' to care about,

A kid who learnt,
learnt to respect,
respect feelings,
give love,
help poor n needy,
and so learnt the others,

then why do i lack,
lack love,
lack smile,
lack importance,

can't i be free?
free of sorrow,
free of desire,
free of expectations,
free of hatred.

i am a human,
i need love to express,
i need smile to beautify,
i need care to grow.
but then...
my way doesnot end,
but yet it takes me to a number of
each teaching me,
caressing me,
finding in me a new hope.

but can i grow?
out of materialism,
out of artificial belonginess...

...out of lonliness,

can i grow?
without care,
withot love,
without future.

I remember,
those children,
children who have parents,
parents who care,
care n love them.

I see them going to school,
carrying bags,
n tiffin,
n their parnts picking them up,
kissing them on their soft cheeks.
suddenly i touch mine,
to feel,
the warmth of love...

and suddenly i realise,
i am no more there,
i am here...
all alone, all by myself.

i remember my father
holding my little finger,
taking me to places,
so far and wide.

i remember my mother,
holding me close to heart,
stroking my tresses
that eases away my deep pain.

a sudden touch on my shoulders,
breaks my thoughts into hundred pieces,
like a sudden fall from the hill of memories,
and i find a place where i am no one.

whose touch was tthat? .
i turn...n saw golden rays,
touching me softly,
the way once my mother touched me,
when i was small.

But i realise i was not all alone,
I heard a story,
About a girl all alone,
walking dowm in still forest,
She lost her way to home,
very soon it will be evening,
She sat under a tree,
n started crying,
She got terrified,
listening to those horrible sounds,
When somebody came and held her aside,
took her in his arms and said,
'little one you are not alone'
i will be your father i will be your friend,
i'll be there with you forever,
now come let's go to our wonderful home.

i could see them going, i could feel them talking,
oh! , i could give anything to be with them,
to be loved to be cared....

...was i really dreaming?
no i wasnt,
that moment,
i felt somebody,
somebody who gently touched me,
He lifted me,
He seemed to possess,
possess a power,
power to feel,
feel my soul,
power to see,
see my tears,
tears on my cheeks,
he dried them,
dried with his warm breath,

He said...
'you are a little bird of ur own world dear one,
u have got the power to fly,
to see everyone below and with u above,
ur wings are your destiny, ur flight is ur future'

he said much and went away,
i stared at his form, melting away,
i had no tears now, nor did i have any pain,
i cud see myself i had never did before....

...I felt the freshness,
I felt the energy,
It just happened,
happened in a flash,

He came,
n left,
but took away,
my pains,
my sorrows,
my lonliness,

Who was he?
where did he came from?
Why did he help me?
were the questions...

my doubts or my fears,
i didn't know,
i didn't wanted to know,
because now i was alive,
alive with joy,
with love and meaning.

i know i can go,
wherever i want to,
change the world, change its ppl,
i know my heart is vast enough,
i know my pace is fast enough,
i know i am the one,
who will change who will resurrect..

...who will live,
live upto life,
who will give,
give them to survive,
who will forgive,
forgive them, for their wrong sight.

Beside forgetting my past,
i hve to make a new start,
I dont have time
When efforts all have to be mine...

-Asha & Prankul

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  • Rani Caesara (11/14/2004 10:30:00 PM)'s really nice eventough a little bit long but i know it just flow from your heart. thanks for this wonderful poems.(Report)Reply

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  • . . (11/13/2004 10:47:00 PM)

    Sooo sweet to write this......thank you for writing this.
    YANAgirl =)(Report)Reply

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