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' A Woman Wrought By God... '

Rating: 2.6

(A Poem For 21st Century Women)

(Prov.31: 10–31 / Prov.18: 22 / Matt.13: 10–15)

Are You A Woman
That GOD Has Wrought?
Then, What You Are Worth …
You Can’t Be Bought!

… with Trinkets or Baubles
Nor Vain Fancy-Flatter
… You Are Impressed
with A More Marvelous Matter!

… A Spirit Beauty
Adorns Your Soul
It Glows More Mellow
That Purest Gold!

Your Brilliance Is More
Than Diamonds To Behold
& The Shape of Your Heart
… Exquisite Empathy’s Mold!

Yet, Solid Steel Beats
Within Your Breast
That Remains Untarnished
Thru Any Tears or Tests
… & Thrusts & Threats

And You Resemble
A Morning Glorious!
Your Smiles – Warms Welcomes
Like Winners Victorious!

And Your Arms Embrace
Like Quiet Moonlight
Offering Calm Comfort
When A Moment Is Right

And Your Gentle Hands
Are Tender With Touch
A GOD–Wrought Woman
Generously Serves With Such …

And Star-Bright Eyes
Lit By Love & Faith
Sets The True- Face & Form
Only GOD Could Make
(Prov.18: 22)

And Her Open-Mind Can Hold
Flashing Thoughts – Thunderous!
But Words Dripped In Rainbows
Come From A Woman-Wondrous

And She Remembers To …
Brush Her Crowning-Glory Hair
But Covers Her Head Humbly
When Coming Before Angels In Prayer
(1 Cor.11: 5–10)

She Values Her Home
and Precious Family
& Makes Sure All Runs-Smooth
and Pleasantly

She Loves The True GOD
And Obeys Her Lord
And Lives Her Life
By The Bible’s Accord


Are You A Woman
That GOD Has Wrought?
Bound To GOD
Upbringing Brought …

… Into Being
Inspired & Sought
By The Workings of
What GOD Has Wrought

Are You A Woman
That GOD Has Wrought?
Then, Your Fashion Sense
Is Holy Spirit Cloth

& Are You A Winsome …
Divine Work of Art?
Not Just Your Body …
But Mind and Heart? …

Loyal In Life
Fervor In Trust
Knowing The Difference
Between Love & Lust …

Between Greed & Need
Between Lies & Truth
Between Traitor & Honor
Between Fraud & Proof …

Between Grateful & Selfish
Between Bad & Good
… (That First One Was Perfect
So She Knew or Should)
(Gen.3: 2,3)

… As Soul Understood
What GOD Had Taught
And Obey HIS Laws
As A Daughter Ought

Are You A Woman
A Great Gift Like Eve?
Yet Keeps GOD’s Light
Not Darkly–Deceived …

Not A Tampered Remodel
In Envy’s Trait
Reshaped Into An Image
That GOD Did Not Make …

Are You A Woman
Wrought By GOD?
Then, You Were Like
A Seed In Sod …

Reaching Up To
HIM Who Raised
Warmed By Gracious
Righteous Will & Ways
of Ancient of Days …
(Dan.7: 9)

Are You A Woman
That Rise To Praise?
Like A Flower Does
To Pure Sun Rays? …

Then You Will See
The Difference Between
Being Simply Sincere
or Sculptured Scheme …

… Between Firm Composure
and Pride’s Conceit
Or A Halfhearted Effort
and Whole-Soul-Complete …

Between Just Some Junk
and A Masterpiece
and Doors To Knowledge
or Wisdom’s Keys …

So Are You A Girl
At Gullible’s Juncture?
Or A Lovely Lady
of Lawful Structure? …

For If You’re A Woman
That GOD Has Wrought …
Then Your Freedom
Will Never Be Caught!

Oh, Are You A Woman
That GOD Has Wrought?
Then Your Flesh Folly
You Have Fought

And You Don’t Make Excuses
For Female Faults …
and You Do Not Live
Your Life For Naught …

And At Eden’s Entrance
Angels Won’t “Halt! ” …
If You Be A Woman …
That GOD Has Wrought!
(Gen.3: 24)

A Woman of GOD
Is As Priceless As … Air
And Only – A Man of GOD
Can Come-Pair …

So, Are You A Woman
That GOD Has Wrought?
Then, What You Are Worth …
… You Can’t Be Bought!

Written & ©: 12/11/2011

By: The MoonBee
A Woman Wrought by GOD