Artchil Daug

A World Gone Sour In Hope - Poem by Artchil Daug

Whether there is indeed such a thing as nothingness
I leave it to the accomplished thinkers of our city
and the robed minority who are obsessed with their bars and
suffixes without even knowing that the system corrupted
them by its philosophy and ethics— that ignoble invention

of man to keep his hands clean from making his mind to a
decision—a kind of fear injected in the veins of
anything supposedly socially courageous like a lawyer
that must scheme with lies to set the truth free from his attaché case
or the college professor who can fight for his employee rank but

cannot struggle to break from his fondness for the familiar
like a politician who despite what he learned at school cannot
do away with the decrepit political tradition that bereft his country
of any real hope and development leaving
such things in the hands of God's representatives

to promises of heaven and eternal life for the life that exists in this
world have become insufferable as a badly baked pie
from an amateur baker who strictly followed the recipe book
without asking but cannot rely on his common sense
which must have left to another world in search of

the least common of man and the least common of societies
for the people of this city are now governed by schemers
who already withdrew their will to the wanting of the system
creating smiles in everyone's faces, albeit fake smiles
for in a world that have gone sour in hope
we are left with only a question:

Why so serious? !

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, August 19, 2012

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