Abandoned By Life Poem by Jordan Antrim

Abandoned By Life

I have been abandoned in my life
and although I strive
to make a relationship work
I cannot forgive a mistake made
twice in less than a decade.
You complained that you were not ready
for the mistake you made that day
but no matter what you say
you could not lay on your back.

You jumped in the sack
with another and continued making a track
that lacked any self control.
So when it came down to it you let others
pay the toll for your misdeeds
causing them to live a life of misery.

They hate you and you wonder why?
Well look back on what you did to them.
You left them with a dim
light to glow in the darkness of there life
revealing the fight they had, to grasp what they could
and being told everyday 'We should make it'.
You wonder why I throw a fit!
its because I had a misfit
for a father.

So why even bother
to try and understand
when all I demand
is that you leave
me be
To see where life takes me
with the ruthless glee
of your misdeeds changing and rearranging
my outcome
so that I don't look like a fool
using others as my tools
well my rule is I will not be you!
because your a fool
I wish would leave
So that I can believe
there are better things in life
than the grief you have caused me
to believe is essential to live
in the river of life.

Stuart Mason 13 December 2005

I like the irregular rhythmn and the rhymes and half rhymes, they work well.

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