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A Heart is something that is meant to break
its just a matter of how much it can take.
I know it can be ripped and torn
but very rarely mourned

Trust is not a thing
Most people can bring
me to believe it seems.
Therefore I deem

I take the easy way out
by routing all of my pain into the bottle
that models my life
showing the way I grieve

To have a relationship
you have to relate
with your mate
but eventually it becomes a race


Most people get drunk
when they feel like they have sunk.
most try to go back but they might not react
as fast as they should

Things happen in your life
sometimes making you wish
for the scythe.
Leaving you wishing you could defy

My statement on love
is that it is not sent from above
its only for fools
who want to become tools


Hate is the feeling you feel toward something you want to disappear.
It might be something you fear.
But eather way you wish for it demise
so that the pain you feel because of it will reside.

Life is Hell for some
and the only release is a bottle of rum.
so listen to me when I say most of life just ends
in decay.


When I had awaken
from my drunken slumber
I felt much dumber.
As I looked at my finger

Life in a way is like a disease
that starts with ease
until the breeze it was turns into a gust
of abuse, misuse, untruth and untrust


Death is something that starts
after life and leaves someones intelligence
to dwindle when attempting to figure out death's
reason for following a path

Life burns many who think they have control
but really it just lets you patrol
the path it gives you to follow.
Leaving you to wallow

You can try to run
but only as far as the sun
can follow you before your caught
by the mistakes

Love to me has no reason or rhyme.
For some it ends in do time.
There is no way to explain what causes it or why
I do however know without pause that most of the time it is a lie.

To be betrayed
makes one feel like there stuck in a delayed
time where nothing is right
and the sight

I have been abandoned in my life
and although I strive
to make a relationship work
I cannot forgive a mistake made

A heart lets you fall in love
knowing it will eventually just fly like a dove.
away from you leaving you to ache
as if drowning in a lake


I feel alone again asking myself why
no matter how hard I try
my relationships always die
and leave me to sigh and try

Religion to me is something I can't believe
because you can't concieve
anything from it
so naturally you sit

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I was born in Oklahoma then moved to Arizona where I now lived with my aunt and uncle but I just previously moved back. I find poetry to be a good pass time and release of stress.

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A Heart

A Heart is something that is meant to break
its just a matter of how much it can take.
I know it can be ripped and torn
but very rarely mourned
by other people
its taken for granted
and often branded
by another saying there in love
often saying it came from above.
but what they soon find out is love is made up of many lies
that quickly make it die.
leaving it to fade away
in the following days.

Then all that is left is the shattered
pieces of a battered heart that fell apart.
Leaving one to start over again...

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