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Abhangs (A Short Collection)

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I was sleeping when Namdeo and Vitthal Stepped into my dream.
'Your job is to make poems. Stop wasting time,' Namdeo said.
Vitthal gave me the measure and gently aroused me from a dream inside a dream.
Namdeo vowed to write one billion poems.
'Tuka, all the unwritten ones are your responsibility.'

To repeat Your name is to string pearls together.
The pleasure in your manifested form is always new.

I have ceased to desire the unembodied God.
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Pratik koul 15 February 2021

I prostrate in front of great Saints like Tukaram ji who provide light uh foods like us I follow his wisdom towards our goal to serve the master

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Sathyanarayana M V S 27 March 2009

Hari Om! From these Abhangas it is very clear that Sant Tukaram's 'Bhakthi' was of the highest level we can ever find in any other great devouts. He even denies, 'Moksha' and wants to dwells always in Bhakti Rasa. This is the greatest form of Bhakthi I have ever read/heard of. It is so true that even His Holiness Audi Shankaracharya a follower of Jnana Marga had sang 'Bhaja Govindam, Bhaja Govindam....................' leading way to Bhakthi Rasa. Reading these Great Works made me 'dhanya' today.....................My prostrations to Him and His devotees, To Sant Tukaram......

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T.P. Edwards 10 October 2007

This poems are mytical meditations on Lord Sri Krishna. I have always wanted to read some of his poems when I first heard stories from one devotee of Krishna tell me about him. He was supposed to be a self realized soul. He knew his svarupa, his rasa or devotional mellow with Sri Krishna. I don't know, but I like the quiet and meditative quality of such poems. Practically everything he said within his poems I agree with philosophically. One should read Bhagavad Gita or Srimad Bhagavatam about Sri Krsna and one will understand a great deal of what he is talking about in his poems. They are beyond even Kahlil Gibran's mystical poems about God. Thanks so much for having them here. Your servant, T.P. Das Edwards

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Rajendra Ghorpade 18 March 2005

good i like it please visit our site www.mounimaharaj.com where some abhag's of Tukaram and history Mouni Maharaj was Guru of Chhatrapati shivaji

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