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At the distant verge of the horizon
slowly submerging is the weary Sun
with reddened face
bidding grudging adieus

A demon garbed as human
raped a lame and naive woman!
The earth didn't crack! !

Closed eyes too can see
Visuals on heart-easel
Tight lips too can speak
In eloquence expressive silence

Smoke pipes are sprouting
Far and wide like iron saplings
Spiking through her tender flesh

He lost his parents
In communal riots
But he forgot it!


What is in life, so great?
Hard times arrive to hurt

You ask me: what I expect
Well! It is just a ‘date'.
While the abetting inky night
is writing down a tasteful menu,

Hereafter they live again
Not by the names
They were christened when born
But by the names

Do you feel the sweltering heat?
Emanating from my slow burning heart!
Do you hear that dernier cri?
Made by my moribund mind!

At the stroke of twelve; midnight
we earned freedom! Well! We did it!
We waited, waited, waited, waited
we waited not just six hours for dawn,

Who killed whom?
How many died
our men; their men?
Crushed flesh and bones

We are two friends of oppugnant thoughts
I’m of thorough religious mind and faith
And he; an authoritative dialectician
Yet of one inseparable yoke we are

Sang yodels a romantic bard
On his love’s round buttocks
Few years afterwards
Rued at those skin-sacks

I too like to take revenge
on those who hated me,
badly treated me,
berated me

Oh, heckling thinkers,
and O' inverted intellectuals...
be thou left or right,
sling not mud at each other

Beautiful is that distant shore,
flourishing with lavish lush verdure.

Tall trees in tune with wind's tremolo

My eyes haven't become glass balls...
they well when they see dolour
of deprived churls;
blood curdles,

Blazing red
Ascetic saffron
Appeal to me
In same tone

Dear God! Do you hear those prayers?
Millions calling you to take new Avatar
Let me recall; what you did aver
Whenever sins sour up and virtues downturn

Sathya Narayana Biography

Full Name: MYDAVOLU VENKATA SESHA SATHYANARAYANA (pen name: mahathi) Date of Birth: 12.06.1958 Address 1.: FLAT NO.307-B, PAVANI HOMES, TEKKEMITTA, NELLORE -524 003, ANDHRA PRADESH Phone: 9866720104. Email: Address2: Flat no.2 B, Kamala Residency, Plot no.275/A & 280/A, Adda Gutta, Bhagyanagar, Kukatpalli, HYDERABAD 500 072 Phone: 970002243 Professional Experience and Qualifications: The author holds a bachelors Degree in Sciences and Masters Degree in Law. Worked as Superintendent of Salt in Salt Department, Government of India and retired on 16.5.2014. So far 6 poetry books were published. Other Published Works 1. Golden Lotus (a poetry anthology) - self published; 2009 2. Plastic faces (a poetry anthology) - MONFAKIRA, CALCUTTA,56 pages, no ISBN, ; paper back; 2009 3. WHEELS (a poetry anthology) -, Allahabad. ISBN: 978-8182531857, Price: Rs.150/=; soft cover; 2012 4. Just human (a poetry anthology) - Sanbun publication, New Delhi; ISBN 978-93-82393-15-3; Price: Rs.75/=; soft cover; 2013 5. I chant, chant and chant (a poetry anthology) - Global fraternity of poets, Noida. SBN: 978-93-83755-02-8 (PB) Price Rs.200/=; soft bound; 2014 6. FINDING THE MOTHER (SRI SUNDARA KANDA IN ENGLISH VERSE) - AUTHORS PRESS, NEW DELHI. ISBN 978-81-7273-818-1: Price: Rs.995/= hard bound.; 2014 December 7. Ocean blues 8. Hare Krishna 9. Ganges and other poems. 2 more translations His poetry is known for its great imagery, clear diction, solemn expression and scintillating narration, often laced with fun, pun and satire. Mahathi being a strong protagonist of classical poetic forms of Elizabethan era, naturally his verses have the sublimity of classical accent and flow with lyrical grace. A few of his book reviews, forewords to books of other authors and a couple of articles in prose were also published. MYDAVOLU VENKATA SESHA SATHYANARAYANA who writes with the penname 'mahathi' is a postgraduate in law and once a practising lawyer in Nellore and later an officer in Central Industries ministry. He retired from Government service in 2014 'Mahathi' is considered as one of the finest Indian English poets of modern times, whose poetry is replete with high imagery, clear diction, humour, pun and satire. He is adept with both formal and free verse though most of his later works were composed in formal verse. So far his poetry was published as 6 collections and 4 epic long poems. His poems were published in a number of print journals and magazines like POETS INTERNATIONAL, METVERSE MUSE, ROCK PEBBLES, Kavya Bharathi (India) , TEESTA JOUNAL, WESTWARD QUARTERLY MAGAZINE(Illinois) Society of Classical posts (New York) , Better than starbucks, Bhakti Nivedana (US) , Scarlet Leaf (Canada) , Sparks of Calliope (US) and won many prizes. His SUNDARA KANDA was serialized in SAPTAGIRI English MAGAZINE (TTD Publications) and many other articles and poems were published in the said magazine. Presently his Bhakti - Love ambrosia is being serialized in BHAKTI NIVEDANA from New Jersey. He can be approached at

The Best Poem Of Sathya Narayana

My Dark Nights

At the distant verge of the horizon
slowly submerging is the weary Sun
with reddened face
bidding grudging adieus
to his day long drudging
brooding over mandatory next come!

I stood there staring at Him
I wanted to say "Don't depart! "
In an automatic reflex
I lifted my right hand aloft!
Nay! He didn't stop! I wept!

As feared reemerging are my
horror-ogres, with creepy insurgence!
A dirge from distant mountain range
barged inside my fragile core
with harrowing clangour.

Oozing out acid-reminiscenses
from burrows of my bruised past
started corroding once more
my already well-abraded heart.

The dark thickets of moonless night
are thickening my tiresome thoughts.
I wriggle on my bed like a sloughing serpent
in an insomniac discomfort getting ready
for deadly duels with my night spirits!

My only hope,a quick crack of dawn
to restart my histrionics and harlequinade
amongst my people; and dazzle one more day
making fun and pleasing everyone
with my feigned charm and exuberance
dreading inside the night at imminence.

Sathya Narayana Comments

Linda Ori 13 December 2008

Here is a poet who is able to capture the passion and truth of what is so important to all of us, and that is love and respect for our fellow man. He is able to lend a perspective that simplifies even the most complex issues, and does it with wonderful creative flair. Definitely a writer in touch with the universal spirit in us all.

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Min Sia 15 December 2008

A one of a kind poet..of great wisdom and passion.. Where he doesn't just sympathize, instead..he empathize.. Where he doesn't just do the traditional..but challenge the unusual.. Where he experiments twisting words..but still exquisite.. His poems of great revelation..more messages revealed as you reread.. Wonderful words..and neatly selected..charming and graceful.. His themes of life matters..foundations of humankind... Still my words for him above were less than what his poems have and what kind of poet he is... I insist that his poems must be read...

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Vaibhav Pandey 15 December 2008

A poet of sheer brilliance who forces you to think beyond your imagination.I feel priviledged to have seen his work.May god bless him.

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Mamta Agarwal 16 December 2008

Sathya ji is a keen observer of life- both within and without. His poetry is vibrant, like cold water in winter it wakes you up, and like warm water it soothes you. Nothing, that comes into his consciousness is too small or irrelevant. It is acknowledged and becomes a subject to explore, be it social ills, nature, relationships, mundane issues.He writes in a clear diction, using powerful, vivid imagery, rhythmes and rhymes, interlaced with satire, wit and humour. His poetry has an inherent integrity that cannot be missed by the reader, who is left moved, touched to the core of his being and compelled to do deep introspection.

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Andrew Blakemore 16 December 2008

Sathya Narayana is without doubt a very fine poet indeed. His work no only deals with the intrinsic social issues of the day but he's also able to touch the heart with poems of love and nature's beauty.

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Miriam Maia Padua 08 December 2009

SIR SATHYA..... ....a poet with observer of life...of what's happening around him As a person, he is generous...through his comments and his fruitful advices... he is indeed a man with concern on his surroundings... A man of his words... clever and firm....expressed his responsibility in his society Shares with us his wholesome writes... his poems shows quality and life...something of great importance We never leave his page without getting something to ponder.... When he writes about Love and a gentle tap in our hearts and when deals on social cancer.... gives a knock in our minds.... very convincing In short, a great poet with a heart and mind....A VERSATILE ONE.... More power, more writes Sir... Lovelots, _Maia_

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Kimberly Mccreary 06 August 2009

A poem written that the heart can see.

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 13 January 2009

I love to read lively and versatile poetry.You can feel the angst, the fine ink lingered on your mind and captivating your heart as well.Poetry is beautiful words written abstractly, in a poetic form, so that readers will have the pleasure to go around the piece trying to figure out the whole meaning behind the writes. In my opinion, Sathya Narayana is the poet of that quality that I will not going to miss, reading him.Thanks Matchaa for sharing your brilliant works with the rest of the world.Keep on penning Sathya! ! ! Best wishes, Sulaiman Mohd Yusof

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Greenwolfe 1962 11 January 2009

Sathya Narayana is a poet of beauty and wisdom . He writes with a clarity of both mind and speech. He teaches as he leads you on a path of flowers and music to the most holy places of the mind and soul. What more can be asked of a poet than what he delivers? We are fortunate to have his words at our request. And his beauty of mind at our recall . Greenwolfe 1962

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Bob Blackwell 16 December 2008

Sathya, is an excellent poet who uses fine words well, to highlight his love for life. He cares about our world and all its peoples. His poetry is full of spiritualty, which he expresses beautifully, through his descriptions of the natural world.

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Sathya Narayana Quotes

COMMUNISTS of India never tried to explain to Indians what is actually COMMUNISM. Instead they always spent their whole energy and intelligence (?) in trying to humiliate and defame the HINDUS and HINDU philosophy!

Time is like an ever spreading carpet, continuously revealing new threads of life in the process of unfolding.

When Godhead realized that humans were incapable of fighting against the evil; as Lord Rama, he himself killed the evil. When Godhead realized that humans could not help sinning, as Jesus the Christ, he himself swallowed all the sins of humans and allowed that desecrated body of his to take the punishment. But Godhead as Lord Krishna revealed that a realized human himself is God and urged them to fight against the SIN.

FANATICISM is mostly attributed to religious faiths. But in truth, the words FANATICISM and FANATICS are not confined to blind religious faiths and begoted aficionados of cult sects alone. We find worst fanatics among atheists, agnostics and communists who cannot tolerate any new thought, that cuts across their long-trusted dogmas.

For long I stopped arguing with persons of misled and mixed up philosophical leanings. Instead I started listening to them even keener. I found them very useful as good samples, to study the causes of divine and moral degradation in the society.

The true spirit of INDEPENDENCE lies in social INTERDEPENDENCE. Respect the needs and rights of others, to make them respect yours.

THE CLASSICAL INDIAN THOUGHT ****************************************** As many think, Vedic scriptures are not all about God and God alone. The Vedic philosophy recognizes a healthy and vibrant human society, where humans even while realizing their worldly needs make a gradual progress from mundane life to spiritual life towards a final realization of Spiritual Attainment or Moksha or Nirvana. The reason is simple…the human body is made up of the five elements, viz. earth, water, fire, air and space. The five elements are nothing but the manifestations of Maya or Prakrithi or Mother Supreme, which is a combination of the three Gunas or attributes, viz. Satwa, Rajas and Thamas. Because of Maya all humans have these 3 traits and struggle within the worldly walls with all kinds of desires, woes, pains and false happiness. Unless humans break this shell of Maya they cannot attain Moksha. Moksha is nothing but reaching the soul to its source; the Supreme Soul, whom we call by different names, Parama Ataman, Para Brahma, Holy Ghost etc. That is attainment or salvation…that is the goal of human life. Then how to break these worldly chains and attain Moksha? Is it necessary to leave the worldly life, live like a hermit and embrace asceticism? No! Our Shastras prescribe four walks of life called Purushardhas, to humans to achieve Spiritual Attainment, even without giving up worldly life, viz. Dharma, Ardha, Kama and Moksha. Artha (worldly gains) and Kama (fulfillment of desires) are meant to satisfy the social, psychological, physical and physiological needs of human body. Dharma defines the precincts of human behavior and character. In fact Dharma occupies a place of great primacy in all Hindu scriptures and epics. Dharma encompasses a whole lot of social duties and societal behavioral norms, like morality, lawfulness, etiquette, kindness, love and spirituality. Hence human pursuance of both Ardha and Kama should be qualified by Dharma. A man is expected to live on lines of Dharma and fulfill his worldly needs of prosperity and desires. Fulfilling the desires doesn't mean yielding to desires. H.H. Sri Sri Sri Audi Shankaracharya in His Bhaja Govindam suggests us to live like a drop of water on a lotus leaf-touching the leaf and at the same with some amount of detachment. This kind of life satisfies the Maya or the Mother Supreme and she opens the gates to Moksha. Lord Shri Krishna, the Parama Guru of the World, classifies the life in to 3 stages-firstly Karma: when man by Dharmic life gets a proclivity towards Bhakthi and when Bhakthi matures turns in to Jnana. Jnana itself is Moksha.

Don't ignore fellow humans. One day you may ignore even the God who comes your way.

Fear of anything, of any kind, from any source makes man kneel before the God. Fear is an integral part of all living systems. Other animals won't conceal their fear whereas man's false pride, ego and belief in psudo-science and fake theories (like atheism) make him wear a thin veneer of courage which blows off in real, testing situations.

A person who does his duty (dharma) with devotion and love will ultimately attain wisdom or jnana. It doesn't matter whether he believes in God or not and to which religion he belongs

GOD-LOGIC A human alone can give birth to another human. A bird alone can give birth to another bird. That means a thing with life or vitality or in Sanskrit 'Chaitanya' alone can produce another thing of life or Chaitanya. This whole universe is full of Chaitanya from ants to elephants and from atoms to revolving planets and twinkling stars. How could this universe with such Chaitanya take birth from a lifeless thing, as was propounded by BIG BANG THEORY. The thing that gave birth to this universe hence must also be a thing with Chaitanya, that too a highly concentrated whole of vitality. That is God, the fountainhead of life or vitality or Chaitanya who blew life into this universe. The Niraakara, Niranjana, Nirguna swaroopa. (Based on UPANISHADS)

Modern doctrinaires who instigate revolutions to extend thier insane dogmas are no less evil than the erstwhile kings who went on wars to loot other kingdoms

I consider one widely prevalent and strongest 'belief' as the supreme superstition-that there is no God!

Science and history are unending quests that can never find conclusive proof of any theory they propound.

Most of the misguided youth; like thieves, brothels, murderers, cheaters and atheists start realising their past mistakes with the advancing age, except communists.

It is only communists and atheists who created rift among various religions, by branding religious faith as extremism. They only coined words like Hindu extremists, Muslim extremists etc. It is possible to bring harmony amongst the religions only by totally eliminating the influence of Communists and atheists in the process.

Religions are springs of faith and divine nectar. Keep drinking that holy water but never spit on others.We need Religion till then, when religion automatically melts down and only God remains.

For one who advances in spirituality, gradually religion melts down and only God remains.

Disciplining anybody without making them understand its need, essence and philosophy; make them rebels. That's how disciplined Brahmins become revolutionaries; revolutionaries become saints and saints become charlatans.

Theists speak it out, agnostics mumble and atheists swallow-the ultimate truth. But some atheists regurgitate on their death-beds.

I see God inside everything and everybody and bow to Him. My problem is only with the outside.

Your dreams are your own. But to make them real you have to share them with others.

In the core of every man's puissance lies the essence of a woman's spiritual pursuance.

We nurtured times to sin and sin alone. Healthy families build healthy youth and healthy nation. Unguided children are like miscued missiles They destroy others and destroy themselves. Entire West is reeling under this trauma of divorces, single parents and unrestricted sexual pursuits.

Communists say that Physical labor is more important and respectable than mental labor. If mankind had to depend wholly on physical labor, the man would have remained as a caveman for ever.

The real reason for sorrow is craving for unreal happiness

Poetry is embellished prose.

Poetry is embellished prose

Poems are like rainbows. When thy inherent aesthetics beam across the visible drizzles of accidental experience, then raises high thy rainbow expression. That's poetry. Poetry need not be colourful always. So often it's in Black and White.

Dharma means 'acceptable social behaviour'; which encompasses Legality, Morality and Amity.

Sathya Narayana Popularity

Sathya Narayana Popularity

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