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Date of Birth: 12.06.1958
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Address2: Flat no.2 B, Kamala Residency, Plot no.275/A & 280/A, Adda Gutta, Bhagyanag ...

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30 August 2016

COMMUNISTS of India never tried to explain to Indians what is actually COMMUNISM. Instead they always spent their whole energy and intelligence (?) in trying to humiliate and defame the HINDUS and HINDU philosophy!

30 August 2016

Time is like an ever spreading carpet, continuously revealing new threads of life in the process of unfolding.

30 August 2016

When Godhead realized that humans were incapable of fighting against the evil; as Lord Rama, he himself killed the evil. When Godhead realized that humans could not help sinning, as Jesus the Christ, he himself swallowed all the sins of humans and allowed that desecrated body of his to take the punishment. But Godhead as Lord Krishna revealed that a realized human himself is God and urged them to fight against the SIN.

30 August 2016

FANATICISM is mostly attributed to religious faiths. But in truth, the words FANATICISM and FANATICS are not confined to blind religious faiths and begoted aficionados of cult sects alone. We find worst fanatics among atheists, agnostics and communists who cannot tolerate any new thought, that cuts across their long-trusted dogmas.

30 August 2016

For long I stopped arguing with persons of misled and mixed up philosophical leanings. Instead I started listening to them even keener. I found them very useful as good samples, to study the causes of divine and moral degradation in the society.

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Linda Ori 13 December 2008

Here is a poet who is able to capture the passion and truth of what is so important to all of us, and that is love and respect for our fellow man. He is able to lend a perspective that simplifies even the most complex issues, and does it with wonderful creative flair. Definitely a writer in touch with the universal spirit in us all.

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Min Sia 15 December 2008

A one of a kind poet..of great wisdom and passion.. Where he doesn't just sympathize, instead..he empathize.. Where he doesn't just do the traditional..but challenge the unusual.. Where he experiments twisting words..but still exquisite.. His poems of great revelation..more messages revealed as you reread.. Wonderful words..and neatly selected..charming and graceful.. His themes of life matters..foundations of humankind... Still my words for him above were less than what his poems have and what kind of poet he is... I insist that his poems must be read...

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Vaibhav Pandey 15 December 2008

A poet of sheer brilliance who forces you to think beyond your imagination.I feel priviledged to have seen his work.May god bless him.

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Mamta Agarwal 16 December 2008

Sathya ji is a keen observer of life- both within and without. His poetry is vibrant, like cold water in winter it wakes you up, and like warm water it soothes you. Nothing, that comes into his consciousness is too small or irrelevant. It is acknowledged and becomes a subject to explore, be it social ills, nature, relationships, mundane issues.He writes in a clear diction, using powerful, vivid imagery, rhythmes and rhymes, interlaced with satire, wit and humour. His poetry has an inherent integrity that cannot be missed by the reader, who is left moved, touched to the core of his being and compelled to do deep introspection.

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Andrew Blakemore 16 December 2008

Sathya Narayana is without doubt a very fine poet indeed. His work no only deals with the intrinsic social issues of the day but he's also able to touch the heart with poems of love and nature's beauty.

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Miriam Maia Padua 08 December 2009

SIR SATHYA..... ....a poet with observer of life...of what's happening around him As a person, he is generous...through his comments and his fruitful advices... he is indeed a man with concern on his surroundings... A man of his words... clever and firm....expressed his responsibility in his society Shares with us his wholesome writes... his poems shows quality and life...something of great importance We never leave his page without getting something to ponder.... When he writes about Love and a gentle tap in our hearts and when deals on social cancer.... gives a knock in our minds.... very convincing In short, a great poet with a heart and mind....A VERSATILE ONE.... More power, more writes Sir... Lovelots, _Maia_

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Kimberly Mccreary 06 August 2009

A poem written that the heart can see.

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 13 January 2009

I love to read lively and versatile poetry.You can feel the angst, the fine ink lingered on your mind and captivating your heart as well.Poetry is beautiful words written abstractly, in a poetic form, so that readers will have the pleasure to go around the piece trying to figure out the whole meaning behind the writes. In my opinion, Sathya Narayana is the poet of that quality that I will not going to miss, reading him.Thanks Matchaa for sharing your brilliant works with the rest of the world.Keep on penning Sathya! ! ! Best wishes, Sulaiman Mohd Yusof

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Greenwolfe 1962 11 January 2009

Sathya Narayana is a poet of beauty and wisdom . He writes with a clarity of both mind and speech. He teaches as he leads you on a path of flowers and music to the most holy places of the mind and soul. What more can be asked of a poet than what he delivers? We are fortunate to have his words at our request. And his beauty of mind at our recall . Greenwolfe 1962

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Bob Blackwell 16 December 2008

Sathya, is an excellent poet who uses fine words well, to highlight his love for life. He cares about our world and all its peoples. His poetry is full of spiritualty, which he expresses beautifully, through his descriptions of the natural world.

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The Best Poem Of Sathya Narayana

My Dark Nights

At the distant verge of the horizon
slowly submerging is the weary Sun
with reddened face
bidding grudging adieus
to his day long drudging
brooding over mandatory next come!

I stood there staring at Him
I wanted to say "Don't depart! "
In an automatic reflex
I lifted my right hand aloft!
Nay! He didn't stop! I wept!

As feared reemerging are my
horror-ogres, with creepy insurgence!
A dirge from distant mountain range
barged inside my fragile core
with harrowing clangour.

Oozing out acid-reminiscenses
from burrows of my bruised past
started corroding once more
my already well-abraded heart.

The dark thickets of moonless night
are thickening my tiresome thoughts.
I wriggle on my bed like a sloughing serpent
in an insomniac discomfort getting ready
for deadly duels with my night spirits!

My only hope,a quick crack of dawn
to restart my histrionics and harlequinade
amongst my people; and dazzle one more day
making fun and pleasing everyone
with my feigned charm and exuberance
dreading inside the night at imminence.

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Sathya Narayana Popularity

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