Across The Night

Rating: 2.9

They say tears exist for those who hope-
For those who laugh and those who weep;
But I, I do not know...
I have cried thousands of tears throughout all these years
So perhaps there is yet hope which can be drawn from such tiny teardrops....
Or perhaps there is no hope at all left for me.

At times it seems that hope is only an illusion,
Just waiting, wishing and praying for something that cannot be...
Waiting for an ocean of tears to carry me toward my goal
While fearing perhaps it might drown and devour me within its crashing depths

Waves of pain and memory wash over me,
Blinding my sight
As I am held steady by the tiniest strand of my strength,
Clinging to raw hope, uncertain of my destiny,
And whether I have the courage to go forward into inky darkness.

A bright light glows above, a lighthouse in the distance...
That guiding light which calls to me, a stark reminder of my goal.
An ocean of pain and tears holds me back from my destiny,
Keeping me trapped here far from the light, the beauty,
All the joy my heart longs to embrace....

I reach out across the cold, dark waters, longing for the one I need to help me across....
Where is my bright guiding star when I need her most?
Is she lost too with the hope I so desperately long for?
Are both star and hope forever lost in a sea of pain and uncertainty crashing its waves upon my face?

Ohhhh bright star, shine to guide me... help me toward the light...
Do not leave me here, alone in the darkness,
The bitter cold...
Enfold me in your most tender embrace...
Keep me safe and call me home...
Back to the shores of a distant memory.
Help me across the night.

Night Hawk 10 November 2006

very good, there is always hope through the darkest times, however slight it may seem it is always there, and we must cling to it

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