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'Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means that you have decided to look beyond the imperfections.' ~ Author Unknown

I have been through many struggles and hardships, but yet I have survived. I feel my best poems have come into being after some of my most tragic and painful moments.

'Our sweetest songs are those th ...

Lesa MRK Poems

*one Of My Ancient Ones* 'My Angel'

You are my angel-
My pretty angel.

*one Of My Ancient Ones* 'Letting Go...'

Letting go is not so easy,
In fact it's the hardest part.

A Silent Cry

I hear your voice,
Though you do not speak,
You have a longing.
Trust in love you seek.

A Dream

Last night you held me in your arms awhile,
On silk and lace we entwined.
But when I awoke this morning,
I was very sad to know it came only in my mind.

A Song For My Heart

Sing a song for my heart,
The one you left abandoned...
Upon the highway to Hell.
Sing a song for my heart,

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