M Fiery Leo

Rookie (31/1/1991 / Nainital, Uttarakhand)

Adieu: The Swan-Song - Poem by M Fiery Leo

Wounds of panicking humanity,
On my heart i bear.............
Incurable nd deep rooted meloncholy,
Who can, to live, now dare...? ? ?

Showered bitterly thousand a times,
Always but within closed eyes,
Concealed all pains, acted a clown,
Robed ever in a funny disguise!

Endured till the end, uttered not a word
Never made a cry, never gave a shout
Controlled all eruptions of volcanoes inside,
That's the reason, today am bursting out!

The penalty of life, wasn't like that
Any desire made wouldn't come true,
Rather, t'was that u'll only desire....
A thing thats impossible to have been true!

Oh Destiny! U're mighty enough to destroy
This body- a mud-bust as a whole,
But look, poor you! Ur hands're too fragile
Even to touch my fiery soul!

Challange not my faith, for that's too strong
Stay off my soul, or find ur hands burnt,
Try'nt elude me through ur treasures
Love nd Faith are real gems-lesson i've learnt!

Again nd again with ur venomous pangs,
U've stuck me nd finally laid me dead
But i still retain my spirit-my seed,
To sprout out again, though my leaves are all shed!

With truth, nd my honour nd ideals mine,
I never compromise!
For a star i love, to the reign of skies,
I never compromise!
U offered me a golden throne, at cost
Of ideals renounced........
I turned my back nd only said,
I never compromise!

People want riches, masses like pomps
Like crazies behind them they run,
Nd all i possess- is a heart full of love
Alas! But thats wanted by none!

Nd why am i surprised..........? ? ?
It has always been their notion,
To grab the lands, fragment skies even,
Tell me- who ever needs a human?

This terrible sight, brings me down to knees
I roar aloud, a thunder-cry i begin
Earth's no longer a home to me,
Hell's now a better place to live in!

The world may call me a mad, a sick
Who's dumped her senses all in mud,
Then.....Yeah! am sick of this healthy world......
Who's grown healthy on others' blood!

Sick of its deceits, sick of its disguise
'Tis better to my ways i firmly stick,
Each time i look up to this healthy world,
Feel grateful am ill, glad that am sick!

So, here i go......i end it now,
I break breath's delicate thread
Rejoice the world, rejoice ye, for
A sick is now, a dead!

Wanna pass'way now, in sheer silence,
From this world-ever unsilenced,
Leave no footprint for the world to clue out,
Content to live, as well die unlightened!

Now, let no gravestone tell my story,
No epitaph should unveil my identity
Let no crowds lament o'er the grave of mine,
Sing no knell, no elegy, want no one's pity!

Last request, plz snatch'way no flower's life,
Merely to honour a corpse-all lifeless,
Instead, may some day, a li'l flower bloom out
Through my mud, i'll be some use, May God Bless!

Unbearable has it gone now
Nothing can this anguish subdue,
'Tis high time now, to part'way forever
Adieu, dear friends............ADIEU! ! !

- M Fiery Leo

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