Justin Reamer

Freshman - 967 Points (2 October 1993 / Holland, Michigan)

Adoration - Poem by Justin Reamer

Dear Lord,

You are the greatest being
To ever live in this universe,
And You are the greatest person
To ever come into my life,
And You have provided me
With so many gifts that
I cannot thank you enough
For in my life.

I adore You so much, Lord,
For You love me even though
I do not deserve the
Gifts You have given me,
For I am imperfect,
And I am a sinner,
And I do not deserve Your blessings,
But I adore You,
For You are forgiving,
And Your forgiveness is
Greater than all else,
For You show mercy on
All those who are truly
Sorry for the things they
Have done,
And Your forgiveness
Is like liberation
In the heart,
And You have forgiven me
For all that I have done,
That I am happy to be
In Your midst.

Dear Lord,
Your Love is unconditional,
And it is greater than
Anything that I have
Ever experienced,
And I cannot say how much
You have done for me
Through Your love,
For it is like joy
In my heart
And electricity
In my veins,
And is the greatest
Thing I could ever experience
In my body,
For it feels like
Dopamine is running
Through my own soul,
Giving me the ecstasy to live.

Lord, You have
Given me so many gifts,
For You have purified me
From sin through my Baptism
Under Your Son, Jesus Christ,
And You have reconciled me
With the rest of Your children
Through my confessions
In the sacrament of Reconciliation,
And You have confirmed me as a part
Of Your family in the Catholic Church
And in the whole of Christianity,
No matter if one is Catholic,
Protestant, or Eastern (Greek) Orthodox,
Through the sacrament of Confirmation,
And have brought me spiritually
Closer to You through all
Of my deeds, thoughts, and words.

Lord, You gave me Your love,
And You gave me Your wisdom,
And Your sagacity which is
Above all else,
And You gave me Your Word
In Your promise that life
Would be better as I moved on,
And You gave me and all of us
Your Son, Jesus Christ,
To forgive us of our sins
And to give us salvation in the afterlife.

Lord, You helped me in times of trouble,
And You protected my family from
My Father's evil intentions and his malice,
And You provided us with a home,
Shelter we live in,
Clothing that we wear
To keep us warm in the winter,
And to keep us modest
With our nudity in the summer,
And shelter to keep us safe
From the outer world,
And food to eat
So that it will nourish us
And keep us satiated throughout
The years,
And water to keep us healthy
And hydrated for the
Many years to come,
So that we may survive in
This very world,
And so that You have kept it
Clean so that we are protected
From disease and poisonous infection.

Lord, You have done even
Greater things than that,
For You have given my family
An extended family that
We could always count on,
Even when our father
Tried to throw us out
Onto the street and
Make us starve
And die like rodents
Living in sewers
Or like a fox on the run,
And You provided us with
An extended family that cares
About us,
No matter what crisis
We or they went through,
We supported them,
And they supported us,
For it is a family with
Faith that is founded
Upon You, Dear Lord.

And, Lord,
You helped Mum with
All of her problems with
My father and all of the
Wrongdoings he intended to
Do away with,
No matter what it was,
And You helped Mum
Through her troubles at work,
And You helped her through
Her troubles with her co-workers,
Such as Lou Deschane,
Who was an ardent sexist,
And Sheri Bronkema,
Who always picked fights with her,
And Andrea,
Who thought Mum was incompetent,
And Ron Huber,
Who was a strong anti-Catholic,
And Armine,
Even though he is idealistic,
Who frustrates everyone,
No matter who is what,
Or no matter who is doing what,
And You helped her with
Her boss,
Who is unappreciative of
Her own help,
And her new boss,
Who is incompetent beyond
All belief,
And You helped Mum with
Dealing with all
Of our own problems
When we needed her most.
And for that, Lord,
I thank You.

You also helped Elyse, Dear Lord,
Through all of her troubles,
Including her troubles with her father,
Her friend problems in high school,
All of the break-ups with her
Ex-boyfriends she went through
In high school,
And Lydia who picked on her
In middle school
And exam stress in high school
And in college,
And her molestations she suffered,
And her boyfriend's immaturity,
And her problems at work,
And those times when she doubted You,
And those times when she
Had trouble with her own faith,
And those times when she needed You most,
You were always there for her,
And for that, I thank You, Lord.

You also helped my brother, Sean,
When he was going through his moodswings,
When he was having troubles with friends,
And when he tried to cheat on tests,
And when he had troubles wit his family,
You helped him,
And I thank You for that,
And thank You, Lord,
For helping him.

And You also helped my sister, Stef,
With her troubles and all of her issues,
And You helped her with her illness,
And You helped her when she needed friends,
And for everything else,
And for that,
I thank You, Lord.

Lord, You also helped me,
For You helped me through
My own depression,
You gave me the will to live,
You gave me the strength
To stand up for what I believe in,
And You saved me from death four times,
And You helped me become happier.
I thank You for that, too.

And, Dear Lord,
I thank You for all
Of Your gifts and Your blessings
That You have given to me,
Including my mentor, Bruce Sturring,
My Mum who has helped me,
My brother and my sisters,
My aunts, uncles, and cousins,
All of the friends that
You have blessed me with,
And all of the opportunities
That I have had,
And all of the love
That You have given me,
And the forgiveness
You have shown me,
And all of the Service trips
That You have given me,
And the education that
I am receiving to
This very day,
And all of the blessings that
You have given me in general.
Thank You for all of that, Lord.

I adore You for everything You have done,
And I love You greatly, dear Lord,
And You are my Father in Heaven,
And I am Your servant,
And will always serve You,
No matter what the cost,
For You are my Lord and my Creator,
And I will always be in Your debt.

I will always express my gratitude,
Dear Lord,
For everything You have
Done for me,
And I just want to say
This one more time,
Before I get busy again,
And I just want to say
Thank You for everything
That You have done,
And You are the greatest being
In my own life,
And I will always remember You,
And I will never forget You.
Thank You for everything.

In Your name, I pray.


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