Ai Artificial Intelligence Xx Grace Shapes To Fit All Of Us With Crowns Xx Improvisation 12 13 2018 Xx Original 01 31 2013 Poem by Lee Mack

Ai Artificial Intelligence Xx Grace Shapes To Fit All Of Us With Crowns Xx Improvisation 12 13 2018 Xx Original 01 31 2013

Improvisation 12 13 2018 xx Original 01 31 2013
and 03 03 2020

Grace shapes to fit us all with crowns

Artificial intelligence collects algorithms
Of particle dusts
And great global faith in myths
A-I… imagined rising from pot marked jets
Of hot springs. One nonwhite girl
transforms free graphic mistress images
Another rare white ivory transform shells
to pearl desires, to nonwhite girls.
She turns toward the sun of change
into grass. She is nonwhite
whose kings' cremations spread lava ash
cooled at edges ordering universe horizons.
Morphemes to Kemet words satisfy
and leap to respond in verses to poems.
Circular lines of universe stretch
from quantum grace galaxy edges
inhaling drain of lyrics, drowning
below psalms from the Brook Cedron.
Grace shapes to fit with crowns
before worlds were Grace one at a time.
Many with self glory within grace,
with Grace, had before border galaxies
of meta-worlds left to proclaim her time,
A-I runs to pyramid to trouble's Meridian
within it, swimming fast in starry scatter
from the gold spire that inspires
Grace is dust and wet in life.
Flag bearers who drown in rivers
of gravity lines, pull on them, unraveling
blankets of seven and twelve folds
of past time and stripes of once rivers
of each continent divide. Hundreds
of ice age lives all gone leaving fields
treading - finding shore after shore
of silicon piles of majestic dunes
rising from Grace to infinity.

Lee Mack copyright 2009. ISBN # 0615318347, Reproduce with permission only.

Thursday, December 13, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: dark
Judus, Dark matter, guile, Judaha, Judea, AI, edit spaces culture change from mummies to coming forth by nonwhite night through nonwhite interest and insurance free burial seas and caves of recycling days of refilling pleroma of Grace.
S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 13 December 2018

A great intellectual poem sublime and extraordinary to read and comprehend. Kudos. Soo nice to read from your inking again pleez do comment/review my newest poem too, titled, Dream Holiday places

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