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To purses of leather
one lost its skin
One lost its feather
to hats and decors

I would've perhaps liked to swim in you O' sea
only if sharks and octopi didn't inhabit thee

Perhaps I would've swum and dived deeper in glee

O' heart, I wonder how you can store
so many different emotions of ours
in just thy four puny chambers
while pumping away the liquid of life

Nature smiles in Spring
Pulls at our heart string
as greenery's hued in greener tinge
Having had an everlasting effect

Drizzling dazzling
like splinters of diamond
Shards of crystal
or  liquidized glass!

Oh, the stress-free, carefree world of children
Oh, just take me back to the lil kids' playpen

When we tried on mom's cosmetics and lipsticks

They wish me 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY'
or even 'many happy returns of the day'.
My folks send me gifts and greeting
congratulating me

Take life for an escalator
Go both through its ups and downs
Ride it like on an elevator
Expect both smiles and frowns.

In similes...
Like the nine planets that orbit the sun...
Or like meteoroids that at times orbit the earth....
Like the moon that moves around the earth

O' crescent moon I truly adore you so
Even the full moon upon the shore you know
Art' thee poetically made of cream white ivory
or maybe marble or like cheese in the story?

Wear a smile all day, smile away the day
and watch the effect you pass around
It might just cheer up the not so gay
and happiness might as well abound.

In our Asian-cum-Eastern land
No one prefers or admires
the dark-skinned or tanned

In the wake of the corona virus pandemic that looms round the world
transporting many to doomsday's waiting room
leaving the diseased deceased's bereaved in gloom
I send my prayers to all affected and afflicted.

O' Salty tear, a mere clear drop that you are
You've emerged for a million different reasons
many of which only the shedder knows
for you've emerged in all seasons.

Come with a smile, come with a wink
Come to the land of pink pink pink!
For though my best color is emerald green
my 2nd favorite happens to be pink.

Everyone learns what's known as the Arabic numerals
like many learnt the Roman numerals
Anyone can:
Dine on delicious swiss rolls

I saw a shoe a' sailing
a' sailing on the sea
The fairies were it a' using

Oh, everything looked far
like tiny toy cars
Living things hurrying
Everything scurrying

Experienced a third bigger earthquake recently but this poem I wrote for a smaller earthquake years ago)

My first trivial tremor experience had been in Southern Africa
And now this puny earthquake I felt in Tanzania.

(Inspired by Eleanor Farjeon's poem 'Cats sleep anywhere)

Gah, , babies cry anywhere
Anywhere and everywhere

The Best Poem Of s.zaynab kamoonpury

Fauna's Lost And Found!

To purses of leather
one lost its skin
One lost its feather
to hats and decors
Another lost its fur
to those mink coats
One lost its tooth
to ivory bangles gosh!

Many lost their lives
to heartless hunters
Not only are they
on animal property encroaching
They are selfishly and greedily
also poaching
Alas! Alas! Alas!
Woe to that cut throat
fine and fancy fur coat
They lost it all to ruthless
merciless, thoughtless poachers
And even if this lost was found later
and confiscated by officers
Still how do you restore
this lost and found
to their rightful owners?
How do you return a severed tusk to the elephant?
Fur to the lynx cat?
Skinned skins to the python?
Or ripped feathers to the peacock?
And how do you restore life
to the poor dead fauna
As long as poaching is rife
Relax not in beach or sauna.

Peep through binoculars
instead of through guns
Shoot 'em' with cameras
instead of weapons
O' hunters shun hunting
with darned shotguns!

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Nance Butterworth 22 May 2015

Nice commentary on passion. A cautionary tale of falling too hard to fast. I love these lines Even the most extravagant romantic serenade couldn't have stalled the explosion of the passion grenade.

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Shahzia Batool 30 October 2012

S.Zaynub Kamoonpuri is a poet with a blend of impulse and conscious artistry. Here comes the understanding of the difference between a writing and a composition. She receives impulse based on her observation, picks the pen, and starts writing as a lawyer prepares his case-arguments, she writes as a dramatist prepares the plot of his play.Her poetry is good in itself. regards.

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John Shea 13 November 2012

Please read dancing in heaven..love lost....sadness and gloom...then a bright start for life in the future.

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 02 October 2012

Whoever takes their time comentin n readin me, i'll do the same for their poems as im a very kind n fair n friendly poetess :)

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 02 October 2012

Hi evryöne if u read n coment on my poems i wil do so 4 yors.

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The Original Tom Maxwell 20 April 2024

it is sad money wealth is more important to many on earth today, to some more important than human life. hank you

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The Original Tom Maxwell 20 April 2024

very good, It's sosad

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Mohammad Muzzammil 29 April 2023

Simply wonder experience of yours..

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Tom Allport 14 April 2022

A sad reality write where profit comes first.

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Chinedu Dike 31 March 2021

Really a poignant bit of verse insightfully brought forth with artistic brilliance.

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