Katie Unknown


She was my best friend
Then we grew apart.
she has done things that i do not agree with...
like always sneeking out at night.
doing drugs i'm fine with i don't care.
but being mean to people for no reason is not right.
she would always put up a fight against her nana when her nana has done no wrong.
she has a 'secret' boyfriend.
her mother hates her boyfriend but i guess they actually do make a good couple. They always will. They both have no consciounse because of what they have done....
the stress in my life caused from her and her family i am glad it is gone. although i do miss her so.
she was my best friend and i love her so.
but i'm sure she never loved me as a friend.
we would always talk about her problems when she had them. i would help her make her feel better but i never got the same.
she never helped me when i was sad or had a broken heart. however i was always there for her when she had a broken heart i was always there when she needed the help,
she ruined my life in a way. she slowly was trying to turn me bad,
thankfully i got out before i was just as horrible as her.
i am good and will always be, i have done and do do things that are somewhat bad but nothing compared to her.
I have hurd that she has told people rumors about me that are very untrue. That is just a sign that says i miss you....well I MISS YOU TOO!

Poem Submitted: Monday, December 15, 2008

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