All About Them Poem by derrick foster

All About Them

Being me disturbs them

They can't take me

Seeing my size frightens them

Assuming who I am unnerves them

Thinking they know upset them

I'm more then they think

Not understanding scares them

I feel sorry for the fear in them

But I'll use it against them

I'm disturbed by the looks from them

I'm perturbed by the unfairness of them

They know so little

Can't get past the assumption of them

So weary of taking on the weight of them

Can't believe the audacity of them

Amused by the stupidity of them

Turned a shoulder to the rudeness of them

Laughed at the confusion of them

Appalled by the prejudice in them

Astounded at the ignorance of them

Will they ever learn?

Disgusted by the grossness of them

Angered by the disregard of them

Wishing total silence from them

Awed by the potential in them

Amazed at the ingenuity of them

Impressed by the beauty in them

They are quite complex

Crushed by the feeling in them

Paused at the image of them

Curious about the life of them

Perplexed by the difference in them

Excited by the sight of them

Wondering about similarities of them

We are connected in some way

So glad to not think like them

They will never see me in them

Blind to the stupidity of them

Always kind to the humanness in them

Still distanced from views of them

I will always say a prayer of compassion for them

Wednesday, January 7, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: being different
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