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I have seen beauty

In the eyes of my friend,

What Bliss the sun
How radiant the sun
Overflowing with flair the sun
Shining from inside the sun

With Joy on my mind, how can words encompass one so full of life:
Great story-teller, spontaneous, world traveler, inspiring, lexicon of Fun-formation,
Humorous, intelligent, hospitable, loving, sophisticated, admirable, fearless in the face of adventure, amazing or just Joy.

There is crazy in these walls
The ghosts of crazy past
Will dance tonight on the ninth floor
It sounds absurd

What makes horror laugh?
What scares the life out of comedy?
Blood curdling amusement

were you there
for the march
for the rally
for the pause

I reach out by sight
To pull the sky to me
I gaze far into the distance
Willing destination

A helping of helpfulness yard of intellect
S mattering of self -awareness countless creativity
Tons of strength lots of hugs
6'2 height a sense of humor

Skim the surface
All you get is murky water
Disguised as glamorous, fabulous and gorgeous
(Its only skin deep and the words are too expensive)

I read my favorite book
as the train flies high above where she was lain(in Death)
on the river now frozen near the area known as DUMBO
down deep below somewhere under the water she remains(in ash)

There’s a beauty coming from within
The deeper the soul search
The more beautiful
Soaring sweeping touching

The best friend shift
> It is your turn to play this role.
> You be the rock of Gibraltar
> A shoulder to lean on

She will let you have it
The truth that is...
She will do it with humor
When necessary

He is a gentle giant
Who does small things to enhance the world
If defined you'll find him most refined
By name he's a ruler of the people,

<<<<(Open Door) >>>>
Get on to experience
The bumping, eye contact,
Lowered eyed, big thighs

broaden the mind
and palate
you too
can express well

three introverts
sat at a table
nothing was said
much was felt

Hearing that song that you love for the first time
Eating a meal that fills you to the gills
Curled in a blanket watching your favorite marathon
Watching kids play and remembering when

Being me disturbs them

They can't take me

derrick foster Biography

Born in the South raised in the Midwest settled in the East found peace within Prosperity among the rest When does one make their mark? Has it been made already? These things do unfold as we locate our souls The road map life with each passing strife. a block to stumble. a home to live in on streets we walk in speech we talk look forward, reach back over actions past lessons to learn subjects too teach Wisdom imparts, experiences reach the mind and heart know the journey to spark the moments when. It is not over yet still much more to whet for roads unexplored late Our spirits do await.)

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Beauty Everywhere

I have seen beauty

In the eyes of my friend,

In the smile of a child

In wisdom of the aged

I have seen beauty

On a ride across a river

On a bus going down town

On a plane heading home

I have seen beauty

While walking in rain

While strolling in sun

While laying in grass

I have seen beauty

In the look of a stranger

In the arms of a lover

In the heart of family

I have seen beauty

At the back of a train

At a café on the corner

At a gas station at the end of the road

I have seen beauty

While flying across sky

While running in the park

While sitting in a garden

There is beauty all around

Just waiting to be found

In the air and on the ground

Also in wide o-en places

I have seen beauty

In private reverie

In contemplating life

In sitting idly on a couch

I have seen beauty

While staring into space

While floating on water

While riding on a bus

I have seen beauty

Looking in a mirror

Gazing out to sea

Leaning against a wall

I have seen a variety of beauty

In my minds eye

In my hearts murmur

In my own hands

I have felt beauty

Form another's point of view

From those who speak true

From living in the world

I have heard beauty

In the gurgle of a new born

In the rebellion of a teen

In the sigh of an adult

To hear such beauty

Is quite a relief?

And on days I can't take it

I welcome the call

Of beauty in us all

I have touched beauty

By befriending others

By listening to their plea

By helping them to see

There is beauty

In places we don't look

In the pages of a book

On the faces of foreigners

I have seen beauty

At the end of the street

From a man on a bike

To the woman on a hike

I have witnessed beauty

While standing in the cut

Under the radar

Looking from afar

There is beauty

In the ether

In the air

Where beauty can be found Everywhere

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