Aravind ZYX

All Alone - Poem by Aravind ZYX

Every day morn
I see a new sun shine,
But here I am all alone
even under the brightest sunshine.

I stand at this bank
the pond reflecting my face, blank.
I don't know where else to find
all that i missed along the ride,
Of this life I have lived
till this day not to dread;
But here I am all alone
even at the bank of pond's throne.

I hear the sparrow coo,
right above my head too,
but all i can see up above
is the yellow leaves, fall to the groove;
although autumn is not something I care for,
the leaves leaving the tree is a sight I can't bear anymore;
And here I am all alone
even in this narrow garden lane.

Sorry I can't stare at the sun
'cause its just after noon,
I wait here for hours
but still can't get out of this chaos,
finally the evening comes to rescue
the pupil lost during the formation of dew,
for here I am all alone
even while watching this fading sun.

All the lights surround me in vain
'cause darkness enveloped my brain,
here I was, conned to think
that I was all alone up to the brink,
how did I ever forget about you? !
You were there, to hold me high
all the times I needed you righ',
You were there, helping me rise
even when I sought to raze
You never left me to rot
for all the mistakes I have wrought.

But here I am anew, all alone
under this fair aglow, of the moon.

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, February 12, 2013

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