All My Pain Poem by mallory sherman

All My Pain

Rating: 4.5

I look out as the sun sets,
its raining and everything is wet,
the rain pours down my face,
causing the awful tear stains
that just wont go away
I'm tired and frightened
because there is no sun in sight and
I am all alone,
with no place to call my home,
I am crying out,
but no one to hear,
I'm crying
but no one sees my tears
am i really alone
all on my own
i pinch myself
trying to wake up from my nightmare that I'm in
the bloody slits in my wrist
are telling me that I'm not asleep
but i don't want to listen
i just want all my pain to go away
I'm sick and tired of the refection
that i see I'm my mirror
i hate who i have become
who i want to be hates what i am
you say all these things
while i try to help all the pain
there at last i wish i could do
but i know i feel that same as you
just know I'm here
to dry your tears
I'm praying as hard as i can
with all that i am
im going to try and help you! !

Mallory Sherman 28 May 2008

this one i didn't write my friend hannah wrote this for me and it touched me so i put it on here. HOPE YOU LIKE IT! ! !

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