Patti Masterman

All Wisdom Lives In Me - Poem by Patti Masterman

How fitting it is to be human;
(all wisdom lives in me)
To have a body neither too small
(all wisdom lives inside)
Nor too immense;
(true wisdom cannot hide)
Thoughts that can go far
(the wise have hidden wings)
Farther than this moment now
(wisdom freedom brings)
I feel I could spend eternity
(wisdom makes you whole)
Being in human form,
(wisdom cradles the soul)
In spite of the suffering and pain
(wisdom gives compassion)
And the loss again and again
(wisdom has no ration)
That none wearing flesh avoid.
(to the wise, no thing stays hidden)
Men are such little worlds
(much wisdom comes unbidden)
Unto themselves complete
(wisdom it's own reward)
With an inner and outer history
(wisdom knows no defeat)
We know when the outer form began
(wisdom brings great joy)
Where it found it's place
(wisdom brings great peace)
But no one knows about the inside-
(wisdom makes the heart sing)
When it was first begun
(before anything was wisdom)
Where did it all come from
(wisdom at the beginning)
And where does it return
(after everything is wisdom)
What a puzzle is to ponder
(wisdom never learned)
Each life it's own mystery play,
(wisdom travels heart to heart)
It comes and goes invisibly
(only the silent are wise)
Each human being a goldmine
(all things equal to the wise)
The distinctive genetics
(wisdom is never confounded)
Like a secret code,
(wisdom comes unbounded)
Only part of the answer it holds
(all wisdom lives in me) .

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, April 20, 2010

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