A Dream For You Poem by Patti Masterman

A Dream For You

Rating: 5.0

A dream for you
And one for me;
A mermaid's blue,
A symphony,
A secret house
Inside a tree
The dreamworld's full
Of company.

At night we go
To places rare,
Where no one knows
That they are there;
And every dream
A hidden stair,
That takes us to
A new somewhere.

If only dreams
Could overlap
The sleeping seams
Within our nap,
And precious streams
Not on a map
Then other lives,
We could unwrap.

Blue Dragonfly 22 May 2012

How wonderful it is that such a beautiful mind exists and shares with us all. So refreshing and makes me smile and feel good. Thanks much for you and your precious gift

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Sam Aleks 05 September 2011

very whimsical and enjoyable. The poem is simply written and speaks softly like a lullaby, proving that a work does not have to be complicated or overly emotional to be great. I really like this.

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Smoky Hoss 06 September 2011

This is so beautiful, and so heartfelt, your dreams and your writing go deep... to the soul. I believe you speak for more than one in this tremendous poem. This has such depth of feeling as to truly be put into the realm of 'classic'. Simply wonderful Patti, you have outdone even yourself here. Thanks for sharing this one, I love it.

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Stefanie Fontker 17 September 2011

It is not often I am unsure of what to say about a poem, but here I am, quite speechless. It is not often that I vote on a poem, either, but an exception can be made here, I think.

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Ken E Hall 06 February 2012

A dream of a poem if only they could overlap indeed ending with a perfect reflection+++++10...regards

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Paul G. Kallen 10 January 2021

Lovely poem with perfect rhythm and rhyme, these poems of yours I like most.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 29 September 2017

Seemingly very simple, but this is brevity from a master's mind. I found this name, i thought A he, but when found I found a her I am never disappointed, since she is creating poems to my heart and this is I found for me, but also for YOU as the new reader, a fascinating A Dream For You....I have read and re-read, time and again. A fantastic poem of a.....(as I said before) Master's Mind....I ain 't wrong, I reckon. A 10 plus so many pluses ++++ I wonder that VOTING and RATING both still exist.

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Deborah Dudgeon 29 April 2016

How true is that, in dreams we are one place and then in another and it all seems so real. Well done Patti in summing it up.

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Edward Kofi Louis 20 December 2015

Precious streams of love and life. Nice work.

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Georgios Venetopoulos 18 May 2015

I like it! :) Thank you for it.

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