Seema joglekar

Aloft In Zephyr's Reign! - Poem by Seema joglekar

Zephyr's silken caress, muffled prayer in arid faraway morn,
His eerie glide through forests murmured of no scorn,
Or rapturous chant of adoration, birds flights adorn,
Over hills veiled in vapor like earth's purple dream born.

In lover's quandary while parting, demur greens writhed,
In hide ‘n seek of tumultuous time, earth's screen clouds shift,
Storm's mad cadence hijack waves to wreck a foaming end,
Seeds and petals spirals odors, lairs left for journey's untold

But denied me his privileges;
As a wave thrash my incredulity o'er cliffs where gulls hovered,
Or break your chains, caught in lost hours, in a gale's fuss,
A fleeing cloud, bereft rain, bridge the space between us,
Forget your absences, as a tree does its dross fallin leaves.

Instead uproots ‘n flings me in a labyrinth of murky waters
Daylight flinches to enter, dares not leave shadow in cankers,
Night too aghast returns, the sad years like its stars fall dusty,
Wonder will I get another chance to tempt eternity.

Wrong will not bow its head-- only Right dares,
Defies what the skies spare, it's a mortal that wears.

So lost was I, oblivious to Zephyr's cruel reign,
Whisked aloft my Muse's wings to Elysium with you,
While the mist played soft, on the heart of the hills,
With unsung raptures of beauty, the poet wind blew.

A dew dropp contained smug, in its dream afloat,
On lotus leaf like love, defers muddy waters in my outpost,
Astute I wonder - how you fared and what held you aloft?
In what thought, in what quest, in what draft?

4th May-2012

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, May 2, 2012

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