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*single Woman Sans Technology! ! !

Hint of hacienda & a brazen romp down the hill
House built in sedate colors for the most part,
Stone colored tans, green fields stomped in red earth,
A marriage to time & mortality just falling short.

My Itinerary! !


Like an old melody straying down a deserted subway at night,
My itinerary goes around for a spin & falls around me like sawdust,

Breach Of Innocence-The Road Kill

One sunny noon, while chasing butterflies you &me,
Tried to unravel the mystery of the birds &the bees,
We stopped at some broken wings, lying on the ground, splattered,
Blackish red. To divert your attention I said,

A Labour Day!

This empyreal, celestial bodies & the core, all a place assigned,
Mine lies in a wearied sunrise, crackling in a pool of sweat, cupped in my palms,
Like an obelisk, defiant heaving dawn from the elements,
Passing of my day, fathomed in the Sun’s shadow, moving across my length.//

It Is Only You That I Want.

It is only you, I want, more than your peace and rest.
More than parched lands seek the din and clamor of a burst of cloud, with no show of mercy.
Even if you blaze like a storm, dark clouds of age -long desire seek their due in exchange,
Like a dogged crane not faltering in its direction, veer in gusts of wind to find my bearing,

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Lalit Bhamburkar 01 December 2015

hi seema u from venkatapuram u know me.. searched so much for u....

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