Alone Poem by desirae brown


He doesn't care
He doesn't see
He doesn't love me
His only daughter feels like shes on her own in a cruel cruel world she just does't understand
hiding her tears as they fall
claiming her eyes are just watering
shes alway felt so alone so crying her tears in solitude does't hurt
sometime she just sits in her room and the tears start to fall
he doesn't love her anymore his sweet spoiled little girl
she blames it all on the war
he went away she changed and bloomed
no longer a scared little girl
hiding the tears they couldn't hear fall
I've always been that girl
I've always cried all my tears alone
I've always been ashamed of my self
all because of him
he was supposed to be my hero
he was supossed to be the worlds number one dad
I used to want to be just like him
happy and sucessful my hero
the worlds number one dad
but happiness isn't for all
I'll probably be the worlds worst mom
the world will probaly hate me and tears will fall again
I've always been the worlds worst daughter
crying all my tears in the wind
letting the tears fall all through night
trying to find my own light
finfing no true delight
only tears that stream all through the night

Amy Louise Kerswell 06 April 2009

I know what you mean about crying alone its what I do cos I dont want people to see me cry. The world dosent hate you hun

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desirae brown

desirae brown

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