Corrupt Poem by desirae brown


life is a river forever flowing but one day that river will dry what will we do when the river ends war will come and people will go battles will rage and poision our souls what will we do when the time comes will we hide with those that we love or fight endless wars never to end I don't know this but I know the time has come to fight or hide either way I say hide and be peaceful follow the way and let those around us fight for a place in the war of saciety let there families cry because he no longer lives in a world males are allowed to share there ignorance with younger generations and poison there mind with sextist remarks we womem can do more than cook and bear childeren we can love and show generosity but most most importantly we can lead did you know that often times a male will get the job a woman who has been through more school than has also applied for all because of her gender it's because men don't like to treat women with respect what I mean is they show respect when nescassary but other than that men disrespect us abuse us and crush our spirits but were strong if we stick together females will become equal to our male counter parts I believe we were made in pairs whoever is best paired with us will be our soul mate to challenge and teach us

Naseer Ahmed Nasir 09 June 2009

A thought provoking write with a touch of feminism. You have a great talent of expression and courage to describe the truth. Please keep writing, desirae. Best Wishes Naseer

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desirae brown

desirae brown

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