Alone Poem by Marissa Ford


It's what I always think
It's why I see red everynight
Alone is how I feel every minute of the day
It's etched in my skin
So deep I can't get it out
Maybe it's how I'm supposed to be
Maybe just maybe I'll live a normal life
What is normal anyway?
I used to think normal was overrated
What changed?
I grew up and now it's all makeup and boys
I used to be my own person
Not caring what people thought
But now all I care about is makeup and trying to get guys to like me
I wish I could go back to that time when I was Alone and tell my self it will all be okay soon
I will move and I'll want this feeling to go away
I don't want to feel Alone anymore
I cry everynight before I go to bed
I cut deeper and deeper everytime the blade hits my skin
When will it end?
When will I be able to say I overcame my bad childhood?
I won't be able to because I'm

Stephan O''Rielly 02 February 2012

two edged sword, in a child hood, she created a special world of her own creation, but, it had her alone as the sole occupant, now the point of view is to have another's company, but it seems the rules of entry to gain the fellow traveler are cheap and unfullfilling, and probably there is a soul mate near by that also finds the dating game lacking. Yes my first major girlfriend was upset at the status quo, and publicly behaved differently than the other girls. some may have called her different, but that made her special.

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