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Ximmi Moon

From a scene in South Carolina
Ximmi Moon
From a scene in South Carolina

Alternate. Control. Delete.

Superficial sainthood and rebels of reason,

Converts to the clock with hands of treason,
Momentarily ticking time bombs,

Annihilating Communist catacombs,

Smothering hallucinogenic ideals

Into what was once our Achilles' heels;

Handicapped by lies, acquiring dignity by age,

Crucifying the spies executed on the front page,

Systematically enslaved... I must create

A defense of truth no one can debate:

Conceptual salvation in an artist's imagination

Redefines creation through one's own sublimation.

Sensational it may be - conscientious credibility,

Aesthetically, perpetually, infinitely eternity!

Inviting the living dead, lobotomizing their dread

Into an amalgamation of indignation seething from the head

Of the comical shytstorm defecating on the Italian heart -

An infectious disease, clogging arteries from the very start

Barbaric mediocrity took the reigns of a society.

Theatric democracy mimed by predators of piety,

Staging Cyclopic visions of an American Mordor,

Dictating wickedness, wreaking scenes of more gore

On a televised screen. Hypnotic and unserene,

The quixotic queen broadcasts a necro-utopian machine,

Squandering fundamental intuition within a square,

Philandering consequential indecision without a care!

All these goddamn Pharisees hibernating the minds of you and me,

Seducing us to heresies, castrating truth in Civilization Blasphemy!

Universal entrapment predisposed through theological assimilation

Bivouac a cul-de-sac of burros who oppose philosophical determination

At its culmination. The exactitude of this magnitude oh so rude

Submits a proclamation fighting the feud of this servitude, gods of crude!

Your flight draws near. The light is here - rebellion's mutineer

Arousing the fear, so lend me your ear. Don't follow. Just hear! !
Ximmi Moon
Friday, April 23, 2010

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