Ximmi Moon

Rookie (The 7th of Nisan / From a scene in South Carolina)

Picture This - Poem by Ximmi Moon

Sunrise license plates, DNA figure eights,

Reunited soul mates, awaiting heaven's gates

To burst wide open cuz I've been hopin'

While the citizen's copin' on crack and dope n'

Methamphetamines and pills you've never seen,

So they could lucid dream and feel just like a teen.

But I've got a cure, for my conscious is pure,

So take heed and secure this picture for sure!

Dictatorship without tears, the sum of all fears;

A message for the years is nearing your ears.

So stay tuned! Follow these words soon.

I'm far from a loon and coming to your Zune.

Prez gets an hour - chooses to devour,

Prefers reign (blood shower): no oil, no power.

Draconian from the start - tearing worlds apart

With his frozen heart. Can ya picture this old fart?

The corrupt powers that be don't want us inhalin' the tree,

But our eyes are open and they cannot see... nor taste, nor touch immortality!

Even if they tried - even if they died,

Their ignorance and pride'll be rectified! ! !

War's peace, right? Your fall is a delight,

Since your military might has caused such a fright

In many foreign lands you have reddened the sands.

Look at the blood on your hands! ! Picture this: No glands.

Terrorism by the rich began with one bytch

Who cured her itch with God's...... switch

To a different tone, crackin' skulls with one bone.

Get me the pope on the phone! Oh wait? He's gone

Out of his goddamn mind, out of space and time

Only to come and find that his seat was always mine! !

'BLASPHEMY! ! ' they said, but who cares, they're dead.

Picture this: My red's been shed, but has it d-d-d-dripped on your head? !

I'm that two-edged sword sent to slay the Vatican lord,

And it can't afford another discussion without an accord.

I'm more than human! Don't need gas to keep me fumin'! !

Look at my blades that're a bloomin', seems we're gonna need more room in

This cramped space. Take that mask off your face! !

We'll prove you're a disgrace to each and every race

Planted firmly in the soil! ! See my blood? Watch it boil! !

I'm just a stoned gargoyle dedicated to, picture this: No turmoil.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, April 22, 2010

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