Nancy Carol Chatlas

(Uniontown, Pennsylvania)

America Is Born

Poem by Nancy Carol Chatlas

America America land of the freed.
Many hundreds of years ago God planted a tiny seed.
He planted it to watch it grow.
How proud he was to see what one tiny seed could do that he had
to sow.
At first a tiny, scrawny, skinny stem and only a shallow root.
It was only a start just a little shoot.
But with the change of each season
It became stronger and seemed to give more reason
This little plant was growing into a tree
With its leaves, trunk, and its limbs as strong as can be.
It grew so big and round
It seemed to welcome you without a sound.
Provided shelter for some
And for many more to come.
It didn't know rich from poor.
It shared only its love and beauty for everyone for evermore.
Everyone admired such wisdom and strength
It gave to all didn't matter how short, how tall what size or
what length.
This was when America was born.
It was here for the young, the old, and even the scorn.
Land of opportunity to welcome love and give
A land where many people could grow and live.
As God gave us a tree
He gave us the wisdom to see
Our land has beat the Roman Empire for history.
God has truly made some of our lives a real mystery
For this beautiful land of opportunity and willing
Why in our streets is there so much killing?
Instead of love there are only tears.
Instead of love there are only tears
Instead of people caring they go to sleep with only their fears.
Foreign countries oceans from us apart
America stretches her arms forth to share from her heart
When countries cry in need
We are there to assure their every deed
No matter how tired or hungry our people are, they're always
there to lend a hand.
We try to meet their every demand
With our military, Army, Marines, Air Force, and Navy
They will be there who fought for us till the battle was won.
Loves ones waited for their soldier one by one
Look at many soldiers with torn bodies, they gave all they could
just so America can be free to live
Defending my flag of red, white, and blue
Quits an honor, to my country to faithful and true
From ocean to ocean and from shore to shore.
Please God let there be enough for even the poor.
With courage and determination, I know our country will always
Because we love the land of the free.
Like the seed that God planted and it grew into a tree
An American is what I am, and I wonder if God is proud of me?

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, January 2, 2003

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