Randy Briggs

American Youth - Poem by Randy Briggs

American youth,
Denied the truth,
Schools want money,
aint that just funny?

Hip-Hop was once
A scene preaching struggle,
And of self advancing in this
World of corporate bubble.

Now hip-hop itself has
become a sell-out,
preaching nihilist hate
and material well-outs.

Corporations cash in
On our youth's insecurities,
Now the truth has gone underground,
Where it is always pushed.

The youth are not misunderstood,
They just don't understand how
The lives of adults are full of
Zombie walking.

Some of our youth,
or a lot for the most part,
Have fallen for the lies
Of corporate demons.

Yet in America there still exists,
Youth who engage,
Socratic questioning and sincere
Love. Where do we stand?

Keep America alive,
it with us that they appeal,
Don't find your confidence in
Corporate marketing feels.

Always keep a strong mind,
We're America's youth.
We want the truth,
We do not want to give our money to you.

First explain,
Why you always captalize,
Why you always scrutinize
The voice of America, The voice of Democracy.

Screw material virtues,
Screw your corporate ambitions,
Screw your self-medicating propaganda
Screw your interest group.

Gain for us and gain
For America,
Love, Respect and

Your vices are divisive,
While you sit in your chair,
America itself will no longer be here,
Unless we look towards our deepest fears.

Fears grounded in false
truths through irrelevant
Why must our youth always surrender?

When life hits them hard,
and it's no longer funny,
After the corporations
have taken their money.

Feeding like vultures,
There must be a new voice.
The underground scene has
No other choice.

Popular Music and
Writing and poetry.
Are only a way of selling
Your soul.

Make a difference,
Not a profit,
You demonic fools.
Corrupt individuals with corrupt tools.

Do not stop questioning,
Do not stop growing.
Do not stop your confidence.
Do not give in.

Lets pursue the goal
America intends,
Freedom and justice,
Not corporate ends.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, January 22, 2009

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