Ali Rahimi

Amused And Confused - Poem by Ali Rahimi

This is the desert of scorching heat and sun,
Dryness, the fire inside, where is the fun?
Barren uncultivated land of silence and gun,
Beware! Slaughterhouse, carnage has begun,
Hey brother! Hey sister! Run! Run! Run!
We still blink, shriek, but we are all skinned,
There are different way to skin a man, mentally, emotionally nailed, slashed and pinned,
We pray, we shout, we moan and we wander,
In pain, thirst, harsh agony and hunger,
Vastness of the arid land, dust and disaster,
Destined to whims of the strong master,
Slave to the insatiable lust of the monster,
Doomed to the inescapable clasp of the monopolizer,
Fated to the lust of the unbreakable thick commander,
Who holds the loudspeaker? Who is in the helicopter?
Run, run, run, shout, follow, there is the carrot,
There is the stick, there's the whip, there's the sword,
Desperate losers at the hands of the looter,
Life in the wilderness, like a torture chamber,
All wearing blinkers, blinders, we are sinkers, not thinkers,
Take race horses galloping in the desert,
Look straight, walk straight, toe the line, sheep,
Follow the shepherd, it's deep, deep, deep,
Yes, absolute bondage, subliminal rape of our dreams,
They shag our brain cells, and we say thank you, master!
They screw our thoughts, and we smile in joy!
With the mantra of liberty, equity, fraternity,
Where is it? Where is the opportunity? Amused and confused
Amused and confused
Amused and confused
Amused and confused
We die, we get back and look puzzled,
The souls are still amused and confused,
In this mental emotional wilderness,
Psychological disorders and egotistical illness,
Fatigue, intellectual inertia, and aimlessness,
Perplexed souls in darkness, ignorance and madness,
Where is the torch? Where is the torch?
In the slaughterhouse? Or in the graveyard?
Or perhaps in the harem of the horny psychopath,
Lighting the orgasm of the evil over the nymph,
Or buried under the desert of our dreams, all repressed,
Wilderness of our ideas, all oppressed,
Cemetery of our hopes, all crushed,
Yes, the torch is buried, dig it out!
Amused and confused...

Topic(s) of this poem: light, philosophy

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, April 5, 2015

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