David Aoloch Bion

Rookie (1976 / Republic of South Sudan)

An Ambush At Ashwa Bridge 1994 - Poem by David Aoloch Bion


The SPLA ambush was laid in May
The soil was rich in virginity
The trees were very, very happy
The leaves were darker and greenly
The flowers were fragrant and buddy
The grasses danced with the breeze beautifully

The animals were grazing here and there
The birds were singing and perching here and there
The insects were floating here and there
The hiss, roar, croak, trumpet, bellow, chuckle
The screaming heard here and there

The soldiers laid quiet in waylay here and there
Each soldier was feeling and thinking he was alone
And other soldiers might have withdrawn but the
Colonel kept briefing and updating them each minute
In hiding position, there was changing of hiding
After another, some soldiers were complaining of
Their position being highly targeted, unsaved and
Vulnerable, so, they were given some low positions
And safe positions

After 18 hours of waiting for pending eminent
Attack, the first enemy sign was long range missiles
Flying above and exploding behind an ambush line
The shelling continued for four hours
Armoured vehicles were rolling in slow motion
Dik, dik, dik, dik, dik, dik, dik ……………………………

The testicles of some men contracted and flinched
And became kidneys in the stomach, fear
Descended like night and the hearts beat
Cowardly when they imagined a bullet hitting
Heads when an enemy appeared 200
Meters away, the Colonel fired the salvo
“Tok – tumb” and the rest responded
Rob, rob, rob, rob, rob ………………………………..

The men gained their emotions again
Their bravery rose like the sun of clear morning
This was the first attack at 7: 00 am
The enemy was repelled
An enemy left with bloody nose
The animals, birds and insects left their beautiful habitat
The gunpowder remained black on leaves, flowers, grasses and sand

After three hours regrouping and reordering
An enemy launched the second attack at 9: 00 am
An enemy was repelled
An enemy was left with a bloodier nose and
The trees and grasses were drying up
The leaves were falling down

The third attack was at 1: 00 pm
The fourth attack was at 3: 00 pm
The fifth attack was at 7: 00 pm
An enemy left but no verbs and
Adjectives to describe the scene
SPLA oyeeeee ……………………………

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