Leila Hadi

An Architect - Poem by Leila Hadi

why am i holding on
why do i not let go
of what's been long gone
if pain is all i know
and i get lots of reminders
do they somehow comfort me
thanks to my customary blinders
they do and do so redundantly..
holding on to what's holding back
won't lead me forward
trying to make up for what one lacks
can leave a person internally tortured
and i want to find peace
but i should of looked sooner
cause until my pain is released
i'll be carrying it over into the future
which is what i was attempting to avoid
while ignorantly maintaining this
cause so much can be destroyed
by a simple recollect or reminisce
thoughts, emotions feel so strong
but they're not part of my progressing
I must move beyond
what i find in my reflecting
on life, cause the future, the present
the things i think i know,
will be here and gone in a second
and we will all reap what we sow
there are several ways to perceive
and things might not look so good
regardless of what i believe
or even when i think they should
have some real connection
to the world i built around me
but my many misconceptions
are the creator of what confounds me
what my heart tells me to be so
and how things could be
are all ideas of the ego
but not any part of reality
and yet, i went down this path anyway
now i must move on unless i'm trying to stay

Topic(s) of this poem: letting go

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Poem Submitted: Friday, August 28, 2015

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