Purushottam Dhakal

'An Ill-Fated Person Meeting His Loved One' - Poem by Purushottam Dhakal

It snowed
And she appeared like the snow
She appears like the speed of a storm
I do not know when she arrived
Like a pleasant breeze
Why do I look for her somewhere else?

She is all wet in the heavy rain
The filth of the mind gets cleaned on her arrival
I get swayed when I see her
Why am I so?

The leaves have fallen dried
But she blooms at her fullest
Though this life is hers
Who am I becoming so covetous?

There is scorching heat, but she doesn't sweat
She arrives like the hailstorm
But it's me who sweat
Why am I so?

She smiles when we meet
She shies away when she sees
It seems my loved one sings and plays
But I go unmoved when I see her
Why am I so?

She appears in the early hours of the sun rise
But never disappears
And I keep imagining her
Why am I so?

She keeps saying, and I continue listening
It appears the life has begun glittering
And when I peep into her, she shies away
Why do I but peep to see her?

Those deer-like blue eyes
Tightened arms
Those movements of a cat-walk
And I wait her coming at the cross-road
Why do I wait her
When I do not know
The date and time of her arrival?

The God carved her
And showered his blessings
That the laughter and the joy be with her
Let no one do her any wrong
It has been ages that I haven't seen her
But I can't still forget her
Why am I so?

It snowed, and the snow melted
And then she rose
She bloomed and shied away like the storm
And then there is the scorching heat
I remember her in this heat now
I melt when I imagine her
Why am I so?

I don't know why
I couldn't get a sleep today
And there came a snowfall of the next year
I imagined a body like the snow
And thus my eyes opened
I met my loved one
What a fate I have?

Her legs staggered
Eyes wet with tears
Puckered lips
I could not tolerate the marks of lashes on her body
Why can't I look at her
Even when I see her?

I heard to her sobbing voice
Exhausted shies and gestures
The snow melted unnoticed
And she too disappeared
What an ill-fated person I am
Meeting my loved one!

Topic(s) of this poem: love and life

Form: ABC

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Poem Submitted: Monday, January 11, 2016

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