Bashyam Narayanan

An Un-Fetching Box-Office Is The Real Ban - Poem by Bashyam Narayanan

An un-fetching box-office is the real ban

Both are creators
One did on canvas
One did on silver screen
Both had a similarity
Both creators' creations
Had some element
That would hurt sentiments of
Some sections of the society
One took on only one section
The other, no one knows,
Which section had to bear the brunt next time
Both claim they are secular
Both, both were peculiar
Often it looked as if
Their creations would not have gone well in the market
Without the controversies being there
But, both created more number of controversies
Than their artistic creations
One left the country once and for all
Because of the controversies around him
And later died, his controversies seeing an end there
Recently the other one created a film
Some friends feel, it should not be screened
Reason, the film has elements with potentials
To hurt their faith and sentiments
Though the film sensor saw in the film
No such sentiment-hurting scenes
And gave certificate for public viewing
A local government banned the screening
Apprehending uncontrollable law and order problem
High court of that state too confirmed that the ban will stay
Debates go on TV channels
Discussing vulnerability of artistic creations
To get banned on a frivolous reason
That they have the potential of damaging communal harmony
In the meantime, some state governments allowed the screening
And some others banned the screening
A group feels that the freedom of expression under stake
A group counters that that their values get ridiculed
Some say the film is against terrorism
Some say the film is against a particular faith and following
Film kingdom condemns the protest against screening
War of words is on
Legal opinions too differ
Political views also clash
No sign of any let up
As the film is waiting for the light of the day
The billion population holds on to its wonder
What is there in the film so controversial and objectionable
This rupees one billion intensive film needs an immediate
Release so that common man will come to know
What the film wants to convey
People will decide its success and acceptability
Why politicians and a section of society should
One thing seems to have been forgotten
It is not screening, but viewing is going to hurt
An un-fetching box-office is the real ban
Not the unacceptability of a religious fan

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Poem Submitted: Friday, February 1, 2013

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