And All Was Lost In Vain Poem by white dove

And All Was Lost In Vain

A tale well played in all's heart
Anytime, anywhere, it may start
But do take note of this my friend
It may not always have a pleasant end

Feels like a losing battle fought
When you see, what you've lost
And what was it that you gained?
But all was lost in vain

It begins like a lightning struck
Anywhere, anytime, sheer luck
And then continues, a courting dance
Seeing, meeting, at every chance

As days pass, the smiles grow
Together time, like a river flow
And when apart, only one thought
Within the nets of mind is caught

And now you wonder what you thought
When you see what you lost
But what was it that you gained?
And all was lost in vain

Soon after, the promises sweet
You suddenly make a giant leap
And you never really understood
When 'together', why alone you stood

And then you receive a small beep
'The promises we made, i cannot keep
Whatever we had was a great time
But i never considered you as mine'

Your world is shattered like post battle fought
When you face what you have lost
And you think about what you gained
When all was lost in vain

What you lose is an unbroken trust
Forever weakened like rot and rust
And a loss of belief in you
As you doubt everything you do

A hollow heart is what you get
And a doubting mind, forever set
A few sweet memories you do gain
But now they're all laced with pain

Its now it feels like a battle lost
When I see what I lost
And what I got is only pain
And all was lost in vain

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