white dove Poems

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Tell Me Whats Wrong

Tell me o dear,
Tell me what’s wrong,
Just to give me an answer,
Why does it take so long?

If You Could See Yourself The Way I Do

I wish you could see yourself
Just the way I see you
No matter what obstacles come your way,
I know you will shine through.

Little Things That Make Me Smile

There are little things I see and feel,
That really make me smile.
They may not last forever though,
They sure do last a while.

Never Say I Love You

Never say i love you
If you really dont care
Never talk of feelings
If they really aren't there

You Are My Life!

you're like the morning sunshine to me,
you're like the sparkling moonlight!
you're like the freshness of morning air,
you're like the beautiful twilight.

Ain'T Easy To Move On

As the night falls, and I retire to my bed
I switch off the light, which has turned hot and red.
I lay on the bed as my window lets in the breeze
I snugly fit into my blanket, with perfect comfort and ease.

Ode To The Storm Wind

O mighty one you bring,
the fierce hail and rain
carrying them majestically,
in your majestic mane

You Stole My Best Friend!

You stole my best friend from me,
Now she's no longer there,
Though she tells me nothing's changed,
Me, evidently she cant bear.

I'Ll Love You Even If You Dont!

I love the flowers
I love the trees
I love the rivers
I love the bees.

I Know I Was Wrong But It Was Your Fault Too

Yes, the fault was mine,
I bugged you a lot.
How you would feel
I never thought

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