Samuel Rudolph

(Farrell , PA, USA)

And God Painted

Poem by Samuel Rudolph

When Conscienceness realized existence, He searched the
black canvas before Him. When He found no one, either
anything, He called his canvas darkness and void . . . And
Conscienceness began to paint! He painted the heavens which
consist of stars, and moons, and planets, and suns, and solar
systems. Yet, and still the canvas had void spaces. And
Conscienceness painted six firmaments, and between each
firmament He called them heavens; and there were seven heavens. The Conscienceness looked upon HIs art, "it is beautiful,"
He said, "The void is filled with celestial bodies yet something is
missing still." As He gazed upon His canvas vast "ahhhh," said He.
"Terrestrial bodies the planets to inhabit." so
conscienceness painted beings and servants, and renamed Himself GOD.
And GOD painted a firmament around one particular planet.
On this planet He painted trees on the mountain side and
plains of forests. He painted flowers, and vegetables, and fruits
which were good to eat and for nourishment, except! There was
no water to keep them green. For He painted boundaries for the
water to be contained. Therefore God painted another
firmament within the first firmament and painted in it clouds.
Still missing yet something, He painted grass and rain for a season.
Still missing yet, some one else to enjoy His work of art.
"I know," He exclaimed, "let us make man in our image and he
shall take care of my art, and let us make him a help mate."
so I called my help woman. And I realize my purpose and I
realize who I am. GOD painted me in His art work and now it
is a Masterpiece.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, January 2, 2003