Soumyadipta Mondal

And It Rained - Poem by Soumyadipta Mondal

And it rained today...
I got drenched in the by lanes of our Memories.
I stood there, at the crossing, I didn't notice when the light got green
The world was honking behind me, but I got a sight of your red top
Your fragrance all over me now
Can you just turn around? will you? Hey it seems you got a new hair cut, didn't you?
And look at me..look at me,
Ohh God, now I know why you used to complain about my driving
The restless me looking to snatch few minutes from that God damn signal...
Llittle ahead, little ahead..all that I want, from the rest...
You and me together whizzing pass those zombies around, all look so strange..
How come they all looking at us? Are they jealous of us being so happy together?
Hold me tight....lets give it a kick start,
You know this bike is not that bad, it can be pretty fast,
But don't be afraid.....are you afraid? Is it?
Ohh God....dont cry, we wont go then, we are not in a hurry
But why you crying? It looks so just need to hold me tight...
Look at the Rain, Its crazy, I have never seen rain like this, It seems the universe is pouring down on us.....
We have to hurry up now...the water is logging fast..
Are you trying to say something to me? I cant hear you.....can you speak little louder, this thunder storm is really getting on my nerves now.
There is some problem, some major problem....whats happening?
My vision is getting blurred, I am finding hard to see through..... Where arr you?
I cant see you any more........I cant feel you any more... You there?
Answer me.....don't be afraid...I will find you. You just stand there where ever you are....
Can you see anything around? ? ? Hey......hey......anyone around?
I cant see u any more., I cant feel u any more.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, September 27, 2013

Poem Edited: Friday, September 27, 2013

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