Rick Green

'And So...Adieu - Poem by Rick Green

There was a long passage ahead
A passage of time
A passage of hope
A passage of aching
And one of joy
Of growing
And stooping
And finally falling
Dissolving into earth
And becoming earth

And the passage was crooked
With corners
And remarkable discoveries
At the edges
Small glades and bowers
With long grasses
And meadow flowers
And quiet rivulets
Where we could sit
And watch the sun and its daily droop

The passage we walked was crooked
With wild moments
Of crazy chances
Taken and madnesses
Of faith.

We leapt from cliff tops
And angels caught us
We stepped on water
Held aloft by supernal forces

We fought no one
And won every battle

Your face was crooked too
An accident at birth,
Of birth,
But lovely too
In its gentle disorder

You were a tender soul
A quiet soul
An unhappy soul
Restrained by
Bars of slight disfigurement

The crooked passage was not for you
You yearned for the straight way
Your face adjusted
By the surgeon’s knife
The prison door opened

And you stepped out into
The bright dazzle
Of nothingness
And nowhere
Where nobody is true
Nothing is reality
And reality is nothingness.

There was a rose garden
There were thorns ahead
There were pains
And crushing
And birthings
And rebirthings aplenty
But they went untasted.

Through a door not entered
Along the passage left

Topic(s) of this poem: nostalgia

Form: Free Verse

Poet's Notes about The Poem

“Footfalls echo in the memory
Down the passage which we did not take
Towards the door we never opened
Into the rose-garden.” (T.S. Eliot. 'Burnt Norton')

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